Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To sum it all up!

I haven't felt like blogging lately. So I think I will try to sum up everything that has been happening in our life since the last time i blogged.

The weekend before my twin sister and I's birthday, we headed to Boise to celebrate with our families. We got spoiled. On the actual day of my birthday, I had to work. Ben surprised me with a handmade bouquet of flowers, of which I thought he had purchased from the local flower store. I was wrong, there were people at his work that saw him make it himself! He should go into business doing flower arrangements. It was absolutely beautiful. Sad I didn't get a picture though. Well, later that day, I had a meeting at work, or so i thought. When I arrived at the room of the meeting, my boss was standing outside the door waiting for me. When I walked in, there were all my co workers, my husband and my sister, with the kids, all there to celebrate with me. I was surprised! and excited that Tiff had showed up a day early so we could be together on our birthday!

Not much happened between that and the fourth of July! This last weekend, our good friends, Jay and Kathy came to Baker to help us celebrate the 4th. We started out the morning by walking a 10k. Our poor friends... we dragged them along, but they were troopers and got through it with us! The 10k we participated in was part of a day long celebration in the neighboring city of Haines. After the 10k we stayed around the parade! So big, for such a small little town.

After the parade, we heading home and found that a local real estate company had put flags in the front of every one's yard. As we drove down the road, I was in amazement at the generosity of this company, and loved seeing all the flags!

That night, Kathy made a delicious Filipino dinner. It consisted of chicken, with soy sauce, garlic and rice and man was it delicious. She has made it every time we have visited with her, and I love it. As the darkness rolled around, we got ready for fireworks. The guys had a splendid time lighting them all off. I am really disappointed that I didn't take any pictures, but maybe next time.
Sadly, Kathy had to go home on Sunday, but Jay was able to stay and hang out with Ben. They went fishing two times, and the last time, they took Hayden with them! He was sure happy about that!