Monday, February 15, 2010

projects, projects and more projects

Boy have I been busy lately. I have found myself in the self pitty funk.... It comes and goes at it wishes, and I have found that focusing on other things....aka sewing.... helps me get out of it. So that's what I have been doing! I do want to apologize in advance that I only have one before and after pictures of my projects..
This is a dress! I was at WalMart the other day, and they had $1 lady's shirts! I bought 3 and with the first one, I made Ady this dress... Not sure about it, but that's why I bought 2 more!Next came brown sweater. I had originally purchased it from goodwill for me, but it was getting wayyyy tooooo Big. I scaled it down, and made a sweater for Ady. I also made the lacy tank top underneath!So many people I know are having babies right now... A co worker picked up this fabric, and I put this quilt together, then I plan on giving it back to her, so she can quilt it!My niece's 6th birthday is coming up, and requested a cowgirl skirt. I made two! The pink one started out as a trial and error skirt, but it turned out so great, I am going to give it to her, for sure!I saw this fabric at the local quilting store, and had to have it. This is the 2nd skirt for Caylee! I also made a matching one for ADY, and have more fabric left overWhile my sister was in town last, we hit up the local Salvation Army. She bought this cute Men's button down shirt, and I turned it into a sun dress for my niece!I hope she loves it!Recently I had purchased some fake microfiber fabric at the La Grande Wal mart and make some pretty cute curtains for our large sliding door. I had a ton left over, so I made some pillow covers for the existing pillows on our couch. All of this, including the curtains, for only $12I am the mean mom, who refuses, except on special occasions, to buy my kids charectar wear. This is where I am coming from. If I'm going to spend good money on a shirt, it better be coming from the gap. NO CHARACTERS. Hayden has been insisting on getting a ben ten (a cartoon he adores) shirt, but i didn't have it in me to buy him one, so I made the symbol from the show. I got the tshirt at the dollar store. He wore it today, and didn't want to take it off! It seems as though I am only making stuff for Ady, but that isn't true. I made a hoody/shirt for Hayden out of old shirts! I think it turned out awesome, for not using any kind of pattern.
Before:AFTER:I also managed to make Ady some pajama pants out of an old polo shirt of Ben's!

Valentines Day

We had a very uneventful weekend, celebrating Valentine's day...just as I like it. We watched movies, sewed, gamed, and spent time together as a family, spreading the love. This year we made valentines day boxes for the kids, and picked up some treasures from the dollar store to fill the boxes. The kids got them Sunday morning and were thrilled to find all the surprises inside.
I think the candy was their favorite part!

Ben outdid himself this year. First of all, he surprised me at work with a beautiful boquay of flowers. Then, TIM MCGRAW tickets... Seventh row... I'm in heaven. I am sooooo excited for July to come around!

With Hayden in preschool this year, we (meaning me, as I am a germ freak) got to make the famous sugar cookies (aka car wreck cookies). They tasted delicious, and I think the decorating turned out ok.... Only ok, cause my sister's turned out soooo much cuter.

While at the dollar store, I found a pink sweatshirt that was just Ady's size... but it had black spots of ink all over the bottom. I had the perfect remedy!