Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Here are some pictures for Nana and Poppa! and Family too! Hope you all enjoy

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gingerbread house...

Or Cardboard house... Either way, the kids loved making it. (and it will keep me from eating unnecessary candy this holiday season!)

Christmas with the Caufields...

Tiffany, Darek and Caylee came up this weekend to help us celebrate early.... Since they are taking a vacation during the Christmas holiday. On Friday night, we went to our favorite, Paizano's Pizza, and had a delish dinner!

Saturday, the guys went shooting, and the girls went shopping (what we do best). With the few stores we have here in town, we hit up the dollar store, D&B , and of course, the fabric store! While we were at D&B, Santa magically appeared. The kids had to get their picture taken!

At first Hayden didn't want anything to do with Santa (which is weird), but finally warmed up to the thought of standing next to him!
Before dinner, we headed to the American Legion Kid's Christmas Party! What a sight to be told at that party. Chaos filled the air, but the kids had fun fishing for toys, doing the cake walk, and sitting on Santa's lap (again!). The kids got amazing gifts from Santa at that party! He was quite generous!
Later Saturday night, we had a Yummy Christmas dinner, and exchanged presents between each other. This was the kids favorite part!

Tiffany made us all hats for Christmas! They are awesome. We get compliments everywhere we go when we have these hats on, especially Ady!

The whole HAT family!
My sister rocks!

Caylee and Hayden waiting to open presents

Up to "sew" good!

I have had some fun lately making some gifts for Christmas. I also had fun giving them away! I love the final outcome!

Ignore the skirt, below are the leg warmers I made. I think Ady is getting a little big for them, but they still look oh so cute! And are super easy to make, takes no more than 10 minutes to make these gems! Lately, I have been "shrinking" out of my FAT girl clothes. I don't mind at all, but I did have a shirt that I really really liked, so I though about it, and came up with this outfit for Ady... Here is my neice Caylee, modeling her new PJ's and purse! They fit her perfectly... and She loved them! While she was here, she took the purse everywhere. I thought it was quite adorable!I drew my Tiffany's name for Christmas this year, so I bought her a few things, then last minute I decided I wanted to make her something as well... I came up with my own pattern, and created her this nifty laptop bag! I think it turned out good. Next time I will figure out a different way to do the handles, but for now, they work great!

Oh Christmas Tree!

A few weekends ago, we braved the cold weather, and decided to decorate, inside and out, for Christmas. The kids thoroughly enjoyed decorating both the Christmas trees, and and let out glee's of happiness every time they opened a "new" ornament.

Here are the kids sitting in front of "their" tree. They love it!
Ady and Hayden standing in front of the tree I decorated!Of course, we needed the annual family picture in front of the tree!
The outside of the house... Ben was actually up on the roof for 3 days getting those things straight. He did a wonderful job. I am so proud of him!
After decorating, we wrote Santa letters. We briefly described how awesome we rocked this year.

Hayden wanted to write what he would like, 2 words took up the whole page....too cute!

Ady wrote note to Santa too.... She is our little artist!