Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

A few weekends ago, we braved the cold weather, and decided to decorate, inside and out, for Christmas. The kids thoroughly enjoyed decorating both the Christmas trees, and and let out glee's of happiness every time they opened a "new" ornament.

Here are the kids sitting in front of "their" tree. They love it!
Ady and Hayden standing in front of the tree I decorated!Of course, we needed the annual family picture in front of the tree!
The outside of the house... Ben was actually up on the roof for 3 days getting those things straight. He did a wonderful job. I am so proud of him!
After decorating, we wrote Santa letters. We briefly described how awesome we rocked this year.

Hayden wanted to write what he would like, 2 words took up the whole page....too cute!

Ady wrote note to Santa too.... She is our little artist!

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