Sunday, July 11, 2010

Updates Galore!

Keep scrolling to see tons and tons of pictures!

Things I have made!

I have been busy sewing/refinishing... Here are a few pictures. The pictures aren't the best, but that's all I've got!
Pajama's for Ady! This is an outfit for Paisley, although Ady "needed" to try it on!
Bag for Dana!
A quilt for a lady at work. My coworker bought the fabric, and I sewed it together. It's a rag quilt, but you can't really tell from this picture!
A portable DVD holder/bag, for my niece, Ashleigh~!
A cute little purse, for a cute little girl!
Another Outfit for Ady!
This one turned out toooooo small!
So I made another one!
Ady's birthday is coming up, and I asked her what she wanted. She said "a pretend baby that does real things, a pretty bedroom, and pretty hair bows" We got her the pretend baby (which you can feed, and then it proceeds to pee/poop, and I thought i would made a few accessories for her and her doll.
I made them matching outfits!
This one is for the doll!
This one is for Ady! The shirt it folded up so you can see the skirt. I will post a picture of it on her after I give it to her for her birthday!
Doll Diapers!
Doll their own fabric case.
I have also been refinishing furniture. These pieces are not quite done yet, but here is a picture anyways. I forgot to take before pictures!

I bought this sewing table for $7.... and i am loving the way it is coming out.... now i need to poly it!
I also made this cute outfit today!

Here is another birthday present for Ady! Her request pretty hair bows, and a holder, for her room! I made the holder and all of the bows!

June, in a snap.

We did a lot in June to keep ourselves busy!

We went to the Boise Zoo! Rode the rides!

Hayden Graduated from Preschool! He loved every minute of going to preschool and is uber excited to be able to attend Kindergarten in the Fall!

Hayden with his teacher, Mrs. Brooks!
We worked on some projects at home:
Ben working on his project car! Cleaning PARTS! FUN, FUN, FUN. and I acquired some awesome deals at yard sales (notice one piece of furniture in backround).

Ady and Hayden built some pretty spectacular towers !

We also had the opportunity to go camping with some friends. We had fun, even though it rained 89% of the time!

Hayden building towers with the fire wood!
Cute Family! I believe Ady and Hayden broke the record this weekend for the most junk food eaten....EVER!
Sitting around the campfire!
Ady is so proud of her artwork!
On the one and only summer day in June! We managed to squeak in a few minutes of slipnslide time!

Hayden and Mommy

Ady and Mommy

Daddy being silly!

Ben's Mom and Step dad, Jack, came to town during the free fishing weekend, and motorcycle rally. Saturday morning we headed out fishing. It was a good day of fishing, as Hayden won the kids contest, for 3 different things. I think they are for Biggest Trout, Biggest Blue Gill, and Longest Trout! He got to pick out 3 different prizes/
Next, we headed downtown to take a look at all of the motorcycles!
Of course we had to stop and get charlies ice cream!

Ady fell asleep on Ben's Shoulders! I think we wore her out!

Just a few of many motorcycles!

Ben and I!

May: came and went.

May was a busy month. It flew by in the wink of an eye. At the beginning of May, we took an unexpected weekend getaway to Washington. We went to the TRI-CITIES, stayed in a hotel with a pool, went to an awesome playground, and did tons of shopping!
Here are the kids ready for the day! Family shoot first!
We went to a great park they had there, i believe it was called discovery cove, or dream land... but I can't remember. It was a huge wooden park, with tons and tons of toys. We didn't stay long because the weather did not cooperate.
Ady's favorite thing to do is swing.

Hayden enjoyed all aspects of the park.

At the top of the castle

Ady and Daddy having fuN!
On our drive home, notice the nasty weather, there was the end of a rainbow right in front of us. I was expecting my share of gold, but no, not this time.
We also managed to make it to Boise in May.
Here is Warren, my nephew, and I, on his blessing day! Isn't he adorable?

Dana, Britnae, and Warren... Too cute.

While in Boise, we had to take the kids to their favorite spot, MCDONALDS!

Hayden has been attending CARAVAN at a local church, and he graduated from Benson Buddies. He was pretty proud!

All of the Benson Buddies!