Monday, March 30, 2009


Today after lunch, I took the kids on a walk to the grocery store in the bike trailer/stroller. I got a good workout and the kids got some rest. Why do they always seem to fall asleep in this? It must be comfortable.

Another outfit for Hayden

This one literally took me only 45 minutes.... He loves it!


Look what my hunky Husband brought home today! I was having a pity party today, and I shouldn't have been, because I have all the blessings in the world. He brightened my day! I am thankful for him, and the never ending love he shows me! A month or two ago, we where at story time at the library, and the them of the day was apple trees. After the stories are read, there is usually a craft, or activity to follow. On this particular day, they ate apples, and then took the seeds from the apples and planted them in a cup. Well, we have been water our regularly and its keeps on growing. I know that an apple seed, when planted, will become a tree or something of the like, but will not produce apples. So, what am I supposed to do with this thing? I don't want to let it die, that would let the kids down? Any suggestions?
Here is Hayden very proud of his plant!

Ady's never grew, but she wanted her picture taken with Hayden's too!

Ring around the rosie!

As promised, here is the outfit I made... Cute but a little too homemade? Maybe? I don't know. If anyone wants to buy it, it's a size 3 but the shirt fits like a 2T.
Here is the size 3 Dress I made Ady! Fits like a size 2. Once again.... Anybody want to buy it?

What does it take to get a picture of the kids smiling?

I don't know! Please let me know if you do.

Attacking her "der-der" with kisses!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm a working Mom!

While we were in Boise last week, I received a call from the hospital that Ben works at, asking me if I would like to work there! I was shocked, and amazed that after volunteering once, they wanted me to actually work there. I said yes, and started officially on Tuesday of this last week. I am employed under 2 different positions. The first one is Medical Records, and the second position, is Medical Billing, which I went to school for. All last week, I helped out in Medical Records, and If i do say so myself, I did enjoy it. I like office work! Sounds crazy, but I enjoy organizing, and getting things done. This week, I am only going to be working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 8-12, but I will be training in Medical Billing. I am happy for the opportunity, and the experience it gives me, to start my own career, but also, not have to leave my kids full time.

We did put the kids in an in home daycare. They seem to like it, I have some reserves about it. I would prefer a Daycare center, but being that there is none of those here in baker, this will have to do for now. Still, it is what it is, and we have to do, what we have to do!

Also, I joined weight watchers, and tomorrow will end the 2nd week that Ben and I have been on the eating plan. After working out for 7 weeks and not losing any weight, I knew we had to do something different. I thought it was going to be hard, but it is so easy to eat right! I lost 4.8 pounds the first week, and I hope to lose more tomorrow night when I weigh in! Wish me luck!

sewing sewing sewing...all weekend long.

Our weekend consisted of bad weather, everyday, except Friday night!

Friday night, I decided to take the kids to the dollar store, and let them pick out some "toys" and "treats" for being such good kids at daycare this week.(Daycare? Yes, Daycare... I will talk about this in my next post) This was the first time I ventured out by myself, on my bike, with the kids in the bike trailer!

Fun, Fun, Fun. With Baker City being such a small little town, we were able to ride not only to the dollar store, but to red box and Safeway, to get other errands done as well. The kids enjoyed it, and even though their toys from the dollar store are completely broken, and in the trash, they still had fun and ask to go on a ride every day.

The rest of the weekend, due to the bad weather, we pretty much stayed inside and vegged. I took this chance to pull out my sewing machines and sew sew sew! Last weekend while we were in Boise, my Mom's Friend, Linda, gave me a ton of fabric, mostly denim. Ever since I had gone to Kim's house, a new friend I met here, (who also moved here from Boise?!!?) and saw the denim quilt she made, I wanted to make one, too (for Hayden's Bed). So that's what I did. I don't think mine looks as good as hers, but I tried. I also tried quilting it, but it's way to big for my sewing machine, so I think I will have to start looking for other options.

You can kinda see the quilting in the picture below on the left hand side...yuck.

I also took this sewing opportunity to make Ady a few more things. I can't decide if I like what I have made, because they kinda look tooo homemade, so I will post pictures of them here, SO PLEASE COMMENT ABOUT THEM, AND BE HONEST!The dress is supposed to look like this, with the straps out in front...don't know if I am too fond of how this looks.Ady sure loves it!

I like the back a lot better than the front~!

This is a tank top. I made pants, and messed up on them, so that's why she doesn't have any one. I will take a complete picture of the outfit tomorrow and post it. This tank top was a pain in the butt make... Ugh, the pattern wasn't very clear at all, but I think it turned out alright.Every time I put something on her that I have made, she starts to run around the kitchen table? Don't know why, but it sure makes her happy!

Jello Pudding, yum, yum, yum.

Ever since we bought sugar free pudding, Hayden has been begging me to make it. After hearing about it for so long, we decided to let him do it, with the help of his sister. He decided the counter was too high to make it, so he pulled out Ady's highchair seat, and used that as a counter.
He was sure proud about it! I just wish I would have gotten a picture of him eating it!

My kids and their silly faces!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend in Boise!

This weekend we ventured to Boise...more writing to come soon... no time now.. and yes i look awful in the pictures, i know, but we went for a super long bike ride, and I was sweaty. ENOUGH SAID

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hayden's New outfit!`

So, as I said in a previous post... I felt bad about not making Hayden an outfit this weekend. Well, first thing Monday morning, I got out the sewing machine again, and went to town. Even though it's not Inspector Gadget, he loves it.Every time I tried to take his picture, he would do the Hayden Dance!


I am mad.

very mad.

I spent 170 + dollars on this bike trailer, and the first time we use it, the handle bar brackets break, and rip through 2 layers of fabric.... I called customer service today about it, and they are making me send, via email, a receipt of purchase and pictures of the bike trailer.

I wish I could just return it... I may, if this doesn't work out, send it back to amazon.

I need quality.
Below are the pictures I sent them...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some of my favorite things!

Of course, my Family ranks 1st as my favorite, but I have some new "things" that I absolutely adore! My new sewing machine and Serger. A portion of our tax refund went into this "investment" and I am happy to report, I made quite a few fun things for Ady this weekend! I feel bad that I didn't make Hayden anything, but his time is coming...

I went and bought fabric for a "birthday outfit" for him, because he told me he wanted pirate pants. Now, he has changed his mind, and wants an "Inspector Gadget" Party. I'll have to figure that one out. No one sells Inspector Gadget party supplies or fabric. What is a mom to do?

Here are just a few things I made this weekend: I didn't get much else done, though! A shirt for Ady... Kinda long but she will grow into it.
Same shirt, different fabric!

A skirt! She loves it... She calls it her "pretty"!
Another dress, she loves to twirl in it!My favorite, the navy blue one! She loves it too! Look at that adorable face!And of course, I couldn't leave Hayden out! He threw up this morning, but is feeling like himself again! Yay! This is Ben's very old cowboy hat he wore when he was Hayden's Age! Hayden absolutely loves it!