Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekends are too short.!.

The last 2 weekends we have had the opportunity to spend in Boise. Believe me when I say that the days were not long enough, and we could have stayed 4 more days just to get done everything we needed to and see the people we wanted to...

Other than them being extremely short, the weekends were fun. Didn't take many pictures, in fact, none from last week, but got some from this weekend. Last weekend, we celebrated my Bro-In-Laws Birthday! We also did our taxes... Fun, fun, fun.

Britnae, Caylee and Tiff on Sunday, before we left... I also didn't get any pictures of the birthday girl, Caylee, on her birthday. I feel awful.

This weekend, we celebrated two birthdays... Caylee who is my niece, and Riley, who is a child of some friends of ours. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at the birthday parties and wore the kids out as well.

Ben also took this weekend as an opportunity to get me a brand new sewing machine and serger. He spoils me... more than I deserve... I love him. He is so good to me. I am so excited to get sewing on my new machine! And I am going to be participating in a craft fair here in Baker in April. Hopefully my stuff will sell! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Saturday night, Becky(or as the kids pronounce "Grandma Newbie") took the kids for an overniter! It was a much needed, and appreciated break. We took the opportunity to go out on a double date with Tiff and Darek. We went to good old Cafe Ole. The dinner was delish! Haven't been there in years, and was pleased with what we received! We tried to go bowling, and after 3 attempts at different alley's in Boise, we gave up. Who ever would have thought that Bowling was so stinking popular?!

Ady and Hayden playing at Grandma Newbie's!

Sunday came way too quickly. We stopped for lunch with Ben's side of the family (Becky, Jack, Levi, Tim, Cory, Cory's sister, Nomi, and Timmy Jr) It was great to get us all together for once. WE enjoyed lunch and were on our way!

Becky, Jack, and Tim's son, Timothy JR!

Hayden Grandma and cousin Timmy!My Bro-in-law Tim, and his son Timothy!
The whole gang! Photo's courtesy of Becky!

Ady and Hayden as usually really good travelers. Hayden and Ady both fell asleep within minutes of putting them in their car seats. Ben and I thought we would stop at Walmart in Ontario on our way home so we could get some last minute stuff to avoid paying higher prices in baker. We woke up the kids when we got there, and Ady was incredibly fussy. (she had been the whole weekend, and we thought she was just sick with a little cold, no big deal) Well, after the whole walmart trip, we headed home, and Ady would not quit fussing, not her norm. We stopped in farwell bend and let the kids pick up a little treat and they were happy about it. Ady got her normal Pretzels, and was satisfied, for about 5 minutes. I scanned her over to make sure everything was ok, and put her back in her car seat...noticing she had a little bump on her head. She continued to cry for the rest of the ride home. When I got home, and was "inspecting" her I came to find a rash over here entire body... Poor baby! I felt soooo bad that I had not seen it sooner, or given her any medicine. We are still trying to figure out what it is... I think it's Roseola, given that she was very irritable this weekend, slept pretty much all day Friday, really drowsy the rest of the weekend, and now has this rash... Anyone come across this before?!!! Please?

By the time we got home, Ady's forehead was super swollen, Poor Baby.

Not a good pic, but you can kinda see the rash on her legs...

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