Thursday, September 17, 2009

A lot has been happening around the Weaver Homestead. Continue to read the next few posts to update yourself! I hope you enjoy.

Most recently, Ady fell, the first day we moved into the new house, and split her front tooth in half. We went to the dentist and they had no option but to remove it....

Needless to say, we have a very cute missing tooth little girl!
We went to a BBQ for the local Nazarene church. We have met some very loving people, who have been sooo kind to us, and they all go to that church! It was a Phillips park, more like a forest with "hiking" trails that lead to multiple ponds and streams. BeautifulAdy eating a cookie!Our friend Warren. He did a nose dive in the dirt and I couldn't resist. Such a cute kid!

Hayden and his new friend! They were like this most of the picnic.

Our regular timer photo shot... i think it turned out pretty well!

Hayden started preschool!

Hayden was soooo excited to go to preschool. He goes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons! He looks forward to it everyday! He loves it!

Of course he wanted his picture taken in front of the car!
Being his silly self!

We moved, and then moved again.... all in one week!

That's right folks. Long story short. We moved into a house, an older house, that we thought we were going to buy. Our loan didn't go through when we expected, the lady who owned the house freaked out, we had only lived there 3 days, and then we moved again. This time, it's into a newer house. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with a 2 car extended garage. I'll do a post later about the inside. The only picture I have is from the garage sale we had the saturday after we moved in.

A Lot!

On our last trip to Boise we were able to attend the Zoo. The kids loved it.