Thursday, February 26, 2009

My little jumping beans...

Ady likes to take after her brother, and attempt every single thing he does. Here she is copying her brother... in her little mini skirt, might i add!


I know I have done a post already about the hats my sister made. Last time we were in Boise, she had one done for Ady. I had to post some pics, cause i love them! They are adorable on my kids! Thanks sista, you are sooo talented!

My Mullet Girl

It seems for some reason that Ady's hair will not grow on the side of her head. The back just keeps getting longer and longer... Please side hair, please come in!

Bath Time Fun

While I was at Target last, I bought the kids a transformer bath set... Included in the set was some bath foam soap. The kids get a kick out of it because you can mold it and it stays in tack for a while. One thing it also does is turn the bath water green!

Up to no good again....

J/K. I don't know what it is about my kids and underwear... but they love it... on their head!

Hayden informed me it was his "swimming cap." At least he has an imagination!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I found a new store here that i absolutely love!...

... sadly it's closing at the end of this month. While I was there I found Ady some super cute hair bows!

Ady, evidently with something in her mouth!

They really do love each other! So Cute!

This is what my kids do in their free time...

They play with Underwear... Ady thinks haydens are just too cool. She even tries to go potty. She will walk to the toilet... pull her shirt up and just stand there for a few seconds then put her shirt down, walk to me, and say "I GO PEEEEEE!" Oh, the joys of having an older brother! Peek a BoO!
Underwear on the head?!?

I am starting a TAG...

Please don't hate me... I just need a reason to be thankful, so i though I would write 10 reasons as to why I am thankful this very moment. If you are tagged... please re post on your blog, or facebook, or wherever... Being thankful is GREAT!

1. I am thankful for endless love of my children... I may be a very disgruntled mother at times, and my children can see over my bad comings and still love me for who I am!
2. I am thankful for my husband... I realize that I am hard to live with, very hard to live with at times, and he puts up with me through it all! I love him so...
3. I am thankful for blogging... I am not a good journal keeper, so doing this gives me a way to keep up our family experiences, so in years, we can look back, and see all the good times we have had (now if i could only figure out how to make it into an actual book, once a year...?)
4. I am thankful for my husbands job... Many people do not have a good job, let along a job at all. I am thankful he has the motivation and determination to make the best for his family, and one of the many ways he does this is through his work.
5. I am thankful for Tiffany... She is my sister, my best friend, and I appreciate her, even though I don't express it like i should, I am really thankful for her...
6. I am thankful for the gym... Its a stress reliever, a motivational place, a place of peace for me!
7. I am thankful for my extended family members... Although we may not be the best to each other, I am thankful for each and every member and the influences they have had on my life and my families life. Sorry it's not a picture of everyone, but I love you all! (regardless if you are in the picture or not, i just realized, i don't have like any pictures of my family with my mom and dad... on the list to do, for sure!)
8. I am thankful for DVDs. You may be asking yourself why? Because when I need a moment of peace, I turn one on, and the kids are quiet and preoccupied...
9. I am thankful for the Internet. I am able to find everything, from recipes to symptoms of illnesses, to friends... online... Thank you Internet!
10. I am thankful for God, without him, nothing is possible. Although, I am not a very religious person, I am thankful for the opportunities he has given me, the miracles I have seen, and the endless love I am given. All things happen for a reason, and with God, I know I can make it through all things.

Tag: Your It! Tiffany, Tiffanie, Dana, Sam, Cami, Holly, and Emily...and whoever else would like to express their thankfulness!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My last post...

So after my last post... i got thinking... Yes, I know it was literally like posted 5 minutes ago... I have a new store... named "mommy made" and I am going to open a blog and sell the stuff i make on it... I am going to give prices, but they are always negotiable, and I can always do custom stuff as well! Please let me know what you think of this idea! and I will send you a link as soon as Iam ready!

Ady's newest mommy made outfit!

I had the urge to go to the fabric store yesterday! Here is the end result! Ihope you all enjoy!

P.s. I bought enough fabric, and also made a size 5 knee lenght skirt for a little girl! No shirt though, I do have enough fabric to cut out and embellish one.! I decided while i was making Ady things, I should always make an extra and try to sell/barter with it! Let me know what you think?

Monday, February 16, 2009

This Weekend!

This weekend flew by entirely too fast. Ben's Mom, Jack, and Levi came to visit! We had a good time enjoying their company. They got here Saturday morning and left today (Monday). On Sunday, we went to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Wow! It's amazing! So much to see, and not enough time in one day to take it all in!

All of us, wearing different "hats"!

A change up!

Hayden looking through the binoculars, at the pioneer trails!

Hayden, Ady, and Levi... Boy, do my kids get a kick out of Levi!
Sittin' in the covered wagon!

Hayden! He thought the sheep were pretty cool!

We celebrated Valentines Day by all going to dinner at the local Brew Pub. Boy, was the food amazing! We will definitely be going back! Thanks, Mom and Jack for the amazing dinner!

I attempted "french braids" in Ady's hair! I got halfway done and could do anymore....

I need practice...

Playing sorry, they were all laughing at me cause they all pushed me back to start... SORRY... I still won! ha ha ha!

Ady, in her cute dress Grandma Terri got her! (she doesn't really wear dresses all that often, so when she does i feel obliged to post pictures!)

Also, on another note... I had an interview on Thursday at the same hospital that Ben works at... St. Elizabeth's. They called me back on Friday for another interview, which was today. I think it went quite well! They said they would be calling me back by the end of the week after they have interviewed everyone else! Its a part time position... 20 hours a week! I guess the position title is Medical Administrative assistant, I will mostly be doing medical records... I look forward to the outcome, and realize that if I don't get the position, that there is something better out there for me, and it just wasn't the right time!

Friday, February 13, 2009

This and That!

Recently, Ady has been wearing the aapron I received from a friend for my birthday many years ago... (thanks cami, and her mom, who I believe made it!) Hayden was quite jealous of this, so I whipped out a "finding nemo" macho apron! He loves it!
I was in the sewing spirit, so I made my neice, Caylee, a valentines shirt...sorry no picture.. After they left, I decided Ady needed her own. So I came up with this one!
For our pre Valentines Day Party, I did Ady's Hair! I separated the top of her head into 3 sections, and then pushed the ponies under and braided into 2 different braids, and then made a heart out of that (I got the idea from a friends blog, thanks Erin, you are so creative) Due to the lack of hair that Ady has, it was difficult, but Ady sat there, sweet and silent, and let me make her "pretty"
Well, I took her hair out tonight, and this is the outcome.... Frizzy Ady!

Ady reading...

Ady's favorite book is "Goodnight moon" Heres a cute video of her reading it!

A little Valentine's Day fun!

Today, we invited over some new friends to help us celebrate Valentines Day! We colored/decorated bags for goodies, and decorated cookies... The attention span of a 3 year old is not that long, so these activities were perfect! All the kids interacted well together. I am glad we decided to do this! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

Emma decorating cookies!

Evan enjoying his cookie!

Ainsley and Hayden having fun!

Ady sharing her frosting with Evan!?!

Brennan, and his mom, Kristin in the background!

The kids watching a movie!

What fun!

Decorating bags!

Why do kids this age love markers so much?

Fun Times!

Sara and Emma~!

I love this face Ainsley is making...too cute!

Emma licking the frosting off the knife.