Friday, February 13, 2009

This and That!

Recently, Ady has been wearing the aapron I received from a friend for my birthday many years ago... (thanks cami, and her mom, who I believe made it!) Hayden was quite jealous of this, so I whipped out a "finding nemo" macho apron! He loves it!
I was in the sewing spirit, so I made my neice, Caylee, a valentines shirt...sorry no picture.. After they left, I decided Ady needed her own. So I came up with this one!
For our pre Valentines Day Party, I did Ady's Hair! I separated the top of her head into 3 sections, and then pushed the ponies under and braided into 2 different braids, and then made a heart out of that (I got the idea from a friends blog, thanks Erin, you are so creative) Due to the lack of hair that Ady has, it was difficult, but Ady sat there, sweet and silent, and let me make her "pretty"
Well, I took her hair out tonight, and this is the outcome.... Frizzy Ady!

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Mom said...

Oh my goodness! You are beautiful Miss Ady!! Your hairdo is wonderful. Hayden I love your apron and Ibet you have been cookin up some good grits!! Il ove the Valentine shirt for Ady!! I am so glad your machine is working good for you now.
Hugs to my daughter the creative seamstress!