Monday, February 16, 2009

This Weekend!

This weekend flew by entirely too fast. Ben's Mom, Jack, and Levi came to visit! We had a good time enjoying their company. They got here Saturday morning and left today (Monday). On Sunday, we went to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Wow! It's amazing! So much to see, and not enough time in one day to take it all in!

All of us, wearing different "hats"!

A change up!

Hayden looking through the binoculars, at the pioneer trails!

Hayden, Ady, and Levi... Boy, do my kids get a kick out of Levi!
Sittin' in the covered wagon!

Hayden! He thought the sheep were pretty cool!

We celebrated Valentines Day by all going to dinner at the local Brew Pub. Boy, was the food amazing! We will definitely be going back! Thanks, Mom and Jack for the amazing dinner!

I attempted "french braids" in Ady's hair! I got halfway done and could do anymore....

I need practice...

Playing sorry, they were all laughing at me cause they all pushed me back to start... SORRY... I still won! ha ha ha!

Ady, in her cute dress Grandma Terri got her! (she doesn't really wear dresses all that often, so when she does i feel obliged to post pictures!)

Also, on another note... I had an interview on Thursday at the same hospital that Ben works at... St. Elizabeth's. They called me back on Friday for another interview, which was today. I think it went quite well! They said they would be calling me back by the end of the week after they have interviewed everyone else! Its a part time position... 20 hours a week! I guess the position title is Medical Administrative assistant, I will mostly be doing medical records... I look forward to the outcome, and realize that if I don't get the position, that there is something better out there for me, and it just wasn't the right time!

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