Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love spending time with my Family!

This morning, we woke up to BEAUTIFUL weather! After breakfast, we all headed outside, and did some much needed yard work! This is an in the middle BEFORE picture, because I forgot to take a picture in the beginning! We pulled all of the weeds, and when we were done, we thought our small flower beds needed more.We didn't have anything to border the flower beds with, so we then decided to make the trip to walmart, which is 45 minutes away, to see what we could find. We managed, as always, to blow a wad of money, but didn't find exactly what we were looking for. Ben and I came up with the idea to use large rocks to line the flower beds. Our next destination.... Up near Sumpter, to find us some rocks. We did just that. You can't really see the definition in these pictures, but really they look great (plus with it not being our house, we didn't want to spend a fortune on something we would just leave behind! (p.s. they were free!)

AFTER:Once we get flowers, and mulch down, you will be able to see it better!While we were exploring the rocks in Sumpter, we managed to find a few minutes to hike, fish, and play! I love days like this! Love him, even with his blue mouth!

Too cute!

Gotta love the timer shots!
He climbed out on this rock all by himself!
He told me he wanted to be a beaver... I told him go right ahead!
Another Timer shot!
The best husband in the whole world!

Things I've made?! Are you getting bored Yet?!

I probably craft/sew too much, and I know you probably are bored of seeing all the things I make. I will probably continue to post them on here, just to let you know!

I saw online, where you can use freezer paper to make a stencil to design a shirt. I turned one of Hayden's picture into a stencil (using Photoshop) and this is what the finished product looks like: You can kinda tell it's him, but not really. Not every project turns out as I envision.

I made Ady this cute outfit! I love it. It looks much better in person, the picture just doesn't do it justice.
I also made this shirt (the entire shirt!) for my friend, Kim! It was a first and I think it turned out alright! I also made matching shoes! (It's from the same fabric as Ady's outfit above!)


We had plans for Easter to spend it in Boise with family. However, on the Friday before Easter, mother Nature decided that we needed a Storm! With the uncertainty of the weekend, we decided to stay home. Although we missed spending Easter with our extended family, we really did enjoy spending it with each other! We started the festivities off Friday night with Easter Egg dying!

Decorating the eggs!

Saturday morning, our community put on an Easter Egg hunt. As you can tell by the following pictures, there was snow on the ground. It was still a good time. Hayden was pretty particular about the things he would pick up. With 20-30 eggs in front of him, we would run across the field to pick up the perfect egg/toy!

Ady brought in the goods too!
Easter morning rolled in, and the Easter bunny spoiled us all!
Hayden with his most prized possession! The chocolate Easter bunny!
He also loved the cap gun!
Ady and Hayden in their Easter clothes!

I love them! They are so cute! They love each other SO Much!
Our little family! (please excuse my hair!)

March, extended version!

Our good friend, Jay, also came up and visited in March. We didn't manage to get any pictures of them together (well one, but I am not allowed to share it, ha ha ha). But he did bring up his awesome SLR camera, and was gracious enough to let me try it out. Now let me warn you, I am no pro, and these photos are un-edited, but I sure had a fun time taking them, and would love to get a camera like that, and take photo lessons as well! Anyhow, here ya go:

March Flew by, TOO!

March went just as quickly, if not faster, as February. Here are some highlights from our month!
While at JC Penny's, I found a cute sweater in the women's department. However, they only had it in extra small. At the price of $1.98, I couldn't pass it up. I brought it home and instantly got to work. I made Ady a striped sweater of her own! So cute! Tiffany, Darek, and Caylee came and visited! We are sure glad they did! Even though it was freezing cold, we thought it would be fun to go fishing. We didn't catch a single fish, but we still had fun!

Hayden enjoying the fishing!
Everyone having fun!
At the area we were fishing, they have a play ground for kids! While I was watching the kids play, Ady started crying and throwing a fit. I sternly told her she needed to come sit down on the bench for a time out, and as soon as I finish my sentence, I look down and Tiffany's dog, Goofy, is sitting where I was pointing. Poor dog must have thought I was yelling at him! Now if only I could get my kids to listen to me like that!
We also had the privilege of going out with this awesome Couple! Matt and Tressa! We went out bowling and had a fabulous time!
The lucky leprechaun also came and visited in March. He turned our apple juice green, and our milk too! He left the kids a bucket of green goodies as well!

I found a pattern for a bag that I really loved. However, after purchasing the pattern, I realized how expensive it was going to be to sew. My sister, on the other hand, wanted one too, so she bought everything needed, and I made it for her. 10-15 hours, 4 heavy duty sewing needles, 20 thousand layers of fabric, and multiple cuss words later, I manage to finish the 1st and last bag I will ever make out of this pattern! So cute, but not worth the time or effort! (sorry sis)

I also made Ady a dress out of a $1 tinker bell shirt I picked up at WalMart!

Ady (and Hayden too) received multiple Easter cards in the Mail this year! (thank you everyone who sent one) Grandma Newby sent stickers in her cards! Ady made use of them the second she got them!

Our anniversary is coming up, but it's not until June. A lady I work with, Rhonda, has a husband that builds! I came up with the idea of having a gun cabinet made for Ben for our anniversary! Her husband got done with it, a lot sooner than expected, and we were able to pick it up early! I think it turned out great, and Ben was super surprised! He loves it!