Thursday, January 28, 2010

At work, I have been elected the new "president" of the Employee Activity Committee. As the head of this committee, I am in charge of getting people/employees together to plan and carry out employee functions. The first thing we did was plan an Employee Beach Party. The hospital does this every year, but this was the first time I was here for it. It turned out really well! Employees dressed up in their best beach/Hawaiian apparel and enjoyed food. Ben and I in our attire we found at Goodwill!

Our next project for the EAC is a Raffle ticket Basket. I put this together tonight and I think it turned out quite well!

Back to Boise... Again

We had to head back to Boise for another post op appointment, for my lasiks. The appointment went well, and the doctor said I have 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/15 vision in the other. I am enjoying every aspect of not having to wear glasses.

On the way to boise, Ady decided it would be in her best interest to puke all over herself. This happened exactly where our accident did one year ago, along the highway at the exact same milepost. She had been coughing, so we thought she had just gagged, but she blew chunks later that night, so she must have been sick.

In between all of that, we let the kids made junk food sushi! All you need to make it, is twinkies, fruit roll ups, and small candies for the middle. The kids loved the project, and even enjoyed eating them more. I think they turned out pretty cute.

We only stayed one night in Boise, and headed back to Baker the next day. Hayden decided it was his time to become ill, so we stayed home all day and recovered.

Projects I am working on....

I always like to have projects on hand to keep me busy. While in Boise last, my sister sent me home with a bunch of clothes that she was just g0ing to donate to the local goodwill. She had this heart shirt for Caylee, which she wore only once, due to it snagging and getting a big hole in the bottom. I put 2 more shirts together, and this is what I made for Caylee! When I gave it to her, she was soooo happy, she started yelling, and she put it on immediately. It makes me happy when she loves what I make her! I also tend to make cute girly outfits for Ady for just about every holiday. Valentine's is next so I made a really easy skirt, then appliqued a little owl on a shirt. Ady really likes the outfit, but she just didn't want her picture taken!

This is a project I am currently working on, I am not quite finished, but I wanted to get some opinions. Do you think this fabric clashes? or does it go well together. Please leave me a comment. I NEED your honest opinion! PLEASE
I bought some super cute fabric while I was in boise last, so be prepared for some super cute projects to be posted in the next few weeks!

Boise Trip

We headed to Boise, January 13 through 17th. The main reason for this visit was to get Lasiks done on my eyes, but it just so happened that Ben's birthday was the day after my surgery. We stayed at Tiffany's place, and really had a great time!
The first stop we made way over to my Grandparents house. They needed help moving their tv, which mind you, was nearly 300 pounds (no wonder they couldn't move it), and we wanted to get a visit in. It just so happened that Santa had brought all the kids coloring books! A little late, but much appreciated!
Tiffany and I with my Granny D and Poppa!
Granny D and Poppa with their GREAT GrandkidsThe kids coloring in the coloring books Santa had left them.Next came the big day. My lasik surgery wasn't scheduled until 5:30 and I had to be there at 5 to get ready for it. That day seemed like the longest day of my life. The surgery couldn't get here soon enough, but I was soooo nervous, I didn't think it would get over quick enough. When I got there, they served me VALIUM and I settled down. The surgery went something like this: They placed numbing eye drops in both my eyes, and gave me time to let it set in.
Next they brought me in the little room, I don't know if you could call it an operating room, but more like an office. They laid me down on an dental chair, and made sure my head was supported, so much so, that I couldn't move. The doctor then came in and put some more numbing drops in. The surgery was so quick, I remember them placing a eye holder on the first eye, and covered the other eye. I was told to look directly at the red light... They placed a suction cup directly on my eye, which caused my vision to go black for a second, but quickly came back. I continued to look at the red light, the machine started making a zapping noise, and it was done. They did the same thing to the other eye, which took a total of about 5 minutes, and we were done. They sent me home with one more valium, and I slept the rest of the night. I woke up the next morning with 20/20 vision! and I haven't been more happier.
This day also happened to be Ben's 27th Birthday! We went to my post op appointment and then celebrated his birthday the rest of the day. That night, we had a little family birthday party at my mom's house!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Potty Training. may be considered TMI.

I remember with Hayden, I just waited it out, and he basically potty trained himself. Ady is a completely different story. We buy her princess underwear, dora underwear, and even cute Gap underwear, but she refuses to wear them, at our house anyway.
My next move is Ni Hao, Kai-Lan underwear (a nick jr show Ady LOVES)...
Here is a video of what I go through at home.

Evidently, at daycare, she wears underwear, and even uses the potty. I don't believe it... Every time we try at home, it's a struggle to even get the underwear on. Putting her on the toilet consists of her screaming her lungs out, and getting off of the toilet. Five minutes later she does 1 and 2 in her big girl panties.

Here are some cute pictures of her with her pretty panties... notice they aren't on though.
She insisted on laying them all out in a row.

No way mom.... I won't go!

Is this a craft blog...

because that's all i seem to be posting about lately... I'll make sure to change that. But for now, here are a few projects i have been working on lately.

Since I travel sooooo much (please ignore the sarcasim) I thought it was appropriate I make a bag to carry all of my toiletries. Being that I didn't have a pattern, I think this turned out pretty o.k. I even quilted it myself! The inside of the bag... don't judge by this picture, but it has pockets to hold all the necessary items. The fabric was from my stash, not my first choice, but when your a young family, free stuff is just as good!

Hayden's shirt made out of 2 of ben's old shirts.... He sure likes it.
I love the faces he makes when I pull out the camera.
(Did I mention my WoNdErFuL HUSBAND bought me a new camer for christmas?!
I am so in love it it!)

I had some pajama pants laying around that had a hole in the crotch. Ady benefitted from this.

I found a white polo shirt from ben's "to-go" pile, and this is what I made.

She absolutely did not want want her picture taken. but i bribed her with gum, so it's all good!

Mommy and Ady.

During our Christmas break, i picked up 2 carseats for 18 bucks total. The only drawback is that they were girl motif. That's definently something I could fix.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Resolution:

I have been thinking about doing some new years resolutions. I don't normally do this, but being the my life seems to be so disorganized, I think it's time to get things going.

As most of you know, I have been working hard to lose weight. I have already, at one point, lost 40 pounds. But i probably gained 5 back... (i weigh in tomorrow, so we will see) So one of my resolutions is to lose the remaining weight, by my birthday. 6 months to lose 40 pounds, that equals at least 6.5 pounds a month. I know i can do it, and I will do it.

Another thing I would like to pursue is happiness. With working full time, and being a mother of a busy family, I find myself grumpy. Really Really grumpy. To do this, I commit to spending more quality time with my family, and being grateful, while doing it. My family is the biggest thing, that brings me happiness. I am going to focus more on being happy while I am with them, than being grumpy.

Goals: not resolutions, goals! Ben and I are setting daily goals, as well as weekly, monthly and long term goals. I believe this will help us to become more organized, as well as boosting our self confidence from within.

Keeping up the crafting, which will in turn, keep me more happy. I find when I am creating, I am a happier person. Now that my craft closet is organized, I know where everything is, and I will be able to do my sewing projects a lot easier.

I love long weekends.

We have had two 3 day weekends in a row. I love them! With the snow on the ground, we thought it was appropriate to build a snowman, and take the kids on a sled ride! It was the perfect day, and soooo much fun!
Starting the snowman!"Throwing snow is so much more fun, DAD"
Ady helping Daddy with the head!Rolling his part of the snowman!Our snowman, Herman!Look at that snowball. 5 seconds later it hit me!Trouble, making a snowball.Cute!
You can't play in the snow without doing a snow angel!Ady attempting to make a snowball!Going for a sled ride!

i've been busy

Between organizing the kitchen, the craft closet, and my master walk in closet, I have found a lot of treasures to aid my craftiness! I have been busy, but getting everything organized, and purged, has given me the urge to create again! Here are just a few of the things I have created:
2 old shirts that use to be Ben's!After:Before:
A dollar store sweatshirt! That's right, all this project cost me was $1 buck!
Hint: Whenever I reconstruct something from old clothes, I always take off the buttons, and put them away for another day, so now whenever I need massive buttons, I just go to my collection! I love free buttons!After:
A sweatshirt/coat that Ady absolutely adores!
I found a blog tutorial and made it in less than a hour!No before picture for this item as I made it from scratch! My niece Britnae, had her birthday back in November, and I being the bad Aunt that I am, have not gotten her a present yet... Well that was all solved tonight. I am hoping she doesn't read this before I get it to her?! It is a Portable DVD player holder/ AKA bag. I hope she likes it.