Sunday, January 3, 2010

i've been busy

Between organizing the kitchen, the craft closet, and my master walk in closet, I have found a lot of treasures to aid my craftiness! I have been busy, but getting everything organized, and purged, has given me the urge to create again! Here are just a few of the things I have created:
2 old shirts that use to be Ben's!After:Before:
A dollar store sweatshirt! That's right, all this project cost me was $1 buck!
Hint: Whenever I reconstruct something from old clothes, I always take off the buttons, and put them away for another day, so now whenever I need massive buttons, I just go to my collection! I love free buttons!After:
A sweatshirt/coat that Ady absolutely adores!
I found a blog tutorial and made it in less than a hour!No before picture for this item as I made it from scratch! My niece Britnae, had her birthday back in November, and I being the bad Aunt that I am, have not gotten her a present yet... Well that was all solved tonight. I am hoping she doesn't read this before I get it to her?! It is a Portable DVD player holder/ AKA bag. I hope she likes it.

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Christy said...

wow. That is awesome! You are so creative! I love the sweatshirt you bought for a dollar and made a jacket for your little girl!