Thursday, January 28, 2010

Projects I am working on....

I always like to have projects on hand to keep me busy. While in Boise last, my sister sent me home with a bunch of clothes that she was just g0ing to donate to the local goodwill. She had this heart shirt for Caylee, which she wore only once, due to it snagging and getting a big hole in the bottom. I put 2 more shirts together, and this is what I made for Caylee! When I gave it to her, she was soooo happy, she started yelling, and she put it on immediately. It makes me happy when she loves what I make her! I also tend to make cute girly outfits for Ady for just about every holiday. Valentine's is next so I made a really easy skirt, then appliqued a little owl on a shirt. Ady really likes the outfit, but she just didn't want her picture taken!

This is a project I am currently working on, I am not quite finished, but I wanted to get some opinions. Do you think this fabric clashes? or does it go well together. Please leave me a comment. I NEED your honest opinion! PLEASE
I bought some super cute fabric while I was in boise last, so be prepared for some super cute projects to be posted in the next few weeks!


Anonymous said...

i found the red fabric you wanted, walmart out of all places.. 4.44 a yard.... but the red you used, looks great too!!!!

Tressa Willson said...

the fabric does not look bad together. but please do tell, what is it going to be??? LOVE reading your blog xoxo