Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is this a craft blog...

because that's all i seem to be posting about lately... I'll make sure to change that. But for now, here are a few projects i have been working on lately.

Since I travel sooooo much (please ignore the sarcasim) I thought it was appropriate I make a bag to carry all of my toiletries. Being that I didn't have a pattern, I think this turned out pretty o.k. I even quilted it myself! The inside of the bag... don't judge by this picture, but it has pockets to hold all the necessary items. The fabric was from my stash, not my first choice, but when your a young family, free stuff is just as good!

Hayden's shirt made out of 2 of ben's old shirts.... He sure likes it.
I love the faces he makes when I pull out the camera.
(Did I mention my WoNdErFuL HUSBAND bought me a new camer for christmas?!
I am so in love it it!)

I had some pajama pants laying around that had a hole in the crotch. Ady benefitted from this.

I found a white polo shirt from ben's "to-go" pile, and this is what I made.

She absolutely did not want want her picture taken. but i bribed her with gum, so it's all good!

Mommy and Ady.

During our Christmas break, i picked up 2 carseats for 18 bucks total. The only drawback is that they were girl motif. That's definently something I could fix.

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