Sunday, June 14, 2009

what a crafty weekend.

It rained here... the whole weekend. So I sewed. Yep, that's about it, besides grocery shopping. You really want to see what I made. OK, I will post pictures.
First of all... It's OK to bribe little boys with jelly beans, left over from Easter, to try on girl clothes? right? (they aren't for him, i just needed a model and he happened to be the right size)
I intentionally made this a dress for Ady, but it turned out about 6 sizes to big... so it looks like Caylee is going to be getting an awfully cute shirt!I created this dress out of a $1 men's shirt my sister, Tiffany, picked up at walmart on clearance. Totally cute. It's for Caylee too! My sis was wanting a 4th of July dress for Caylee, and i think it fits just right!Out of the left over sleeves from the men's shirt, i made Ady some cute shorts. I also am making a shirt to match, but who knew it could be so hard to find a plain white shirt for a little girl, here in baker city. ugh.I also made matching bows. which leads me to my next project. Bows and bow holder. Didn't turn out exactly like i wanted, but ehh. there's always next time.
While I was making my Twin Sister's birthday present, hint, hint, hint...tiffy! I realized I had bought to much fabric... darn. So I made Ady a cute sun dress. Love it.I think she does too!This dress is actually for Paisley... Ady wanted to try it on. She loves to put on everything I am making, regardless if it's for her or not!Lastly, we got the news that my older sister, Dana, is having a boy in October. Can't you tell I am excited! I ran out and bought the cutest... and only... boy fabric I could find here... More to come when finished!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

6 Years and COUNTING!

Happy Anniversary Ben! I can't believe it's been 6 years today, that we were married. Time has flown by. I thank the Lord for each and every day we are together! I know life is hard, but with you by my side, I know we can accomplish anything! I love you lots!
Us on the train ride this weekend!


We also had the chance to do a lot of fishing this weekend! This weekend in Oregon, was free fishing for everyone. Saturday morning, and Sunday too, we went fishing! It was really my first time, catching a fish, and the kids enjoyed it too! Jack, by far, caught the most fish, but we all had an opportunity to catch a few!

P.S. There is a video at the end of this post of Hayden catching his first fish!

Waiting for the fishing to begin!Jack with his first "keeper" fish! Boy, was he proud!Hayden baiting the hook!Mommy and Ady fishing, with their first official fish, ever!Becky fishing, with a itty bitty kiddy pole!
Hayden waiting for his fish to bite!
Ben catching his first fish, or should i say reeling in his first fish!Like father, like son!
Hayden proud of the fish. When we first started fishing, Ady and Hayden didn't want anything to do with the fish. In the end, Hayden was picking up the small ones, and throwing them back into the water, and Ady was touching the worms! I think we will be doing a lot more of this in the near future!

Here is a video of Hayden catching the first fish!

Weekend Fun!

This weekend, we had the opportunity to have Becky and Jack (Ben's Mom and Step Dad) come up and help us celebrate our 6 anniversary. We had a great time, and relaxed the whole weekend outdoors! On Saturday we headed to McEwen, to catch a train ride to Sumpter. We packed the cooler for a picnic, and were on our way. The ride was very enjoyable!

This is the train we rode on! Hayden probably enjoyed it the most!
The train brought us to the small town of Sumpter. It's about 25 minutes away from Baker! We had about an hour between getting on and off the train. We ate our picnic, and then were off to explore this little town. In it, we found a Dredge. It was used in the early 1900's for mining gold. This particular one mined about 16 million dollar worth of gold. It's quite interesting to see the machine they used, and we enjoyed all that we had learned!

Hayden and Ady taking a break!

Becky and Jack

After the dredge, we got back on the train and opted for the open cart. It was beautiful weather, and we loved it!

The kids with their grandparents!

Hayden doing the "Haydee Dance"

Crazy Ady Day!

Every kid likes to choose their own clothes, do their own hair, and put on their own shoes... but come on, at the age of 1? Isn't it a little early for her to be so incharge?

I got this far with her hair, and she did not want me to go any further... yikes. She even put on her own "shuuus"

Mommy, I can do it!
She got dressed... by herself, and choose everything she was wearing that day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

To boise again....ugh

After making a quick trip to Boise on Wednesday, we turned around and headed straight back on Friday night. One of our friends daughter, had passed away, and we thought it appropriate to attended her funeral. That little girl was loved by her parents, more than anything else on this earth, and it is sad to think she is gone, but great to know that she will be with her family in heaven someday! She went through so many undeserving trials here on earth. Our hearts and prayers are with this family, and they are in our thoughts always.

We stayed with Becky, and Jack this time (Ben's rents'). The kids enjoyed all the toys they have, and the fruit snacks Grandma Newby made sure to have on hand! We didn't take many pictures, but here ya go!

He obviously didn't want me to take his picture!

Playing together!

On Saturday, Grandma Newby took us to the zoo. Again no pictures... what was i thinking. We enjoyed the new exhibits the zoo has to offer, but didn't see as many animals as we would like. It was fun!

We also made this trip an opportunity to pick up the boat. I am not sure why we had left it at the rents' house to begin with, but we did and we were here to pick it up... all in all it didn't work out like we wanted it to. We were on our way out of town, after visiting some family and noticed that 2 of the tires were going flat. We headed to the gas station to to fill them up with air, and they wouldn't hold. We, once again, left the boat. Maybe next time.

Boat trip...

We have been trying to get a boat... and we finally found one, that we could trade for, that wouldn't cost us any upfront money.... hahaha (now i can laugh about it... earlier i couldn't, tell you about it later) So when the opportunity arose, Ben and I headed to Boise to pick it up, along with other things to do. We went there on Wednesday, and after met with family for a big Mexican dinner! Boy was it yummy!

The whole crew...minus Dana, sorry we cut you off?!
Mom and Dad!Ben with Paisley! Aren't they cute!
Becky Jack and Levi Tiffany and Ady doing their thing!Dana and Bill!Caylee standing in the corner... our kids seemed to be extra rotten that night... I took the kids outside to let out some energy!They really do love each other... I think it's a love/hate relationship!