Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This weekend, we had the opportunity to have Becky and Jack (Ben's Mom and Step Dad) come up and help us celebrate our 6 anniversary. We had a great time, and relaxed the whole weekend outdoors! On Saturday we headed to McEwen, to catch a train ride to Sumpter. We packed the cooler for a picnic, and were on our way. The ride was very enjoyable!

This is the train we rode on! Hayden probably enjoyed it the most!
The train brought us to the small town of Sumpter. It's about 25 minutes away from Baker! We had about an hour between getting on and off the train. We ate our picnic, and then were off to explore this little town. In it, we found a Dredge. It was used in the early 1900's for mining gold. This particular one mined about 16 million dollar worth of gold. It's quite interesting to see the machine they used, and we enjoyed all that we had learned!

Hayden and Ady taking a break!

Becky and Jack

After the dredge, we got back on the train and opted for the open cart. It was beautiful weather, and we loved it!

The kids with their grandparents!

Hayden doing the "Haydee Dance"

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