Sunday, June 14, 2009

what a crafty weekend.

It rained here... the whole weekend. So I sewed. Yep, that's about it, besides grocery shopping. You really want to see what I made. OK, I will post pictures.
First of all... It's OK to bribe little boys with jelly beans, left over from Easter, to try on girl clothes? right? (they aren't for him, i just needed a model and he happened to be the right size)
I intentionally made this a dress for Ady, but it turned out about 6 sizes to big... so it looks like Caylee is going to be getting an awfully cute shirt!I created this dress out of a $1 men's shirt my sister, Tiffany, picked up at walmart on clearance. Totally cute. It's for Caylee too! My sis was wanting a 4th of July dress for Caylee, and i think it fits just right!Out of the left over sleeves from the men's shirt, i made Ady some cute shorts. I also am making a shirt to match, but who knew it could be so hard to find a plain white shirt for a little girl, here in baker city. ugh.I also made matching bows. which leads me to my next project. Bows and bow holder. Didn't turn out exactly like i wanted, but ehh. there's always next time.
While I was making my Twin Sister's birthday present, hint, hint, hint...tiffy! I realized I had bought to much fabric... darn. So I made Ady a cute sun dress. Love it.I think she does too!This dress is actually for Paisley... Ady wanted to try it on. She loves to put on everything I am making, regardless if it's for her or not!Lastly, we got the news that my older sister, Dana, is having a boy in October. Can't you tell I am excited! I ran out and bought the cutest... and only... boy fabric I could find here... More to come when finished!


Cami said...

wow! I'm so impressed!

Sam said...

Very impressive. =)

tressa said...

you are SO amazing!!! Karen Wilson just brought me her old sewing machine and is going to give me some lessons. I hope to be cool like you one of these days! he he xoxo

eli&joelynn said...

You are SO gifted! I cannot believe you made that out of a SHIRT! AMAZING!!

Christy said...

Wow. I am very impressed with your skills and amount of energy to do all that in one weekend!! HOly cow. I am exhuasted just thinking about all the work you did to make all that! You are amazing!