Monday, June 1, 2009

To boise again....ugh

After making a quick trip to Boise on Wednesday, we turned around and headed straight back on Friday night. One of our friends daughter, had passed away, and we thought it appropriate to attended her funeral. That little girl was loved by her parents, more than anything else on this earth, and it is sad to think she is gone, but great to know that she will be with her family in heaven someday! She went through so many undeserving trials here on earth. Our hearts and prayers are with this family, and they are in our thoughts always.

We stayed with Becky, and Jack this time (Ben's rents'). The kids enjoyed all the toys they have, and the fruit snacks Grandma Newby made sure to have on hand! We didn't take many pictures, but here ya go!

He obviously didn't want me to take his picture!

Playing together!

On Saturday, Grandma Newby took us to the zoo. Again no pictures... what was i thinking. We enjoyed the new exhibits the zoo has to offer, but didn't see as many animals as we would like. It was fun!

We also made this trip an opportunity to pick up the boat. I am not sure why we had left it at the rents' house to begin with, but we did and we were here to pick it up... all in all it didn't work out like we wanted it to. We were on our way out of town, after visiting some family and noticed that 2 of the tires were going flat. We headed to the gas station to to fill them up with air, and they wouldn't hold. We, once again, left the boat. Maybe next time.

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tressa said...

sad to hear about the little girl, but glad that they have friends like you to support them :)
maybe next time the boat will come to you! here's for wishing!