Sunday, April 11, 2010

February, In a nutshell!

I can't believe we are almost in the middle of April, let alone February passed by with out a wink. A lot happened in February, most likely the reason for lack of posts. Here are some pictures to help describe our month! Ady got her first official hair cut. She wimpered the first 2 minutes, then was happy as could be!
We traveled, a lot, back and forth to Boise. We ate out, a lot, too. (Not so good for the diet) Here are some pics from Souper Salad.

One of the many times we were in Boise, we visited my Mom and Dad! The kids sure do love them!

We also helped Caylee celebrate her 6 birthday! I can hardley believe how old she is. We have a great time at Chuckee Cheese! She did too!

Caylee and Hayden sporting their Sponge Bob P.J's!
Aunt Tiffy made Ady this hat... In fact, Ady has a whole drawer full of hats. Each of them are name Tiffany Hat! When I ask her to get a hat, she always questions me with "tiffany hat?" and knows just where to find them!
I managed to squeeze time in to make this dress!

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