Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am starting a TAG...

Please don't hate me... I just need a reason to be thankful, so i though I would write 10 reasons as to why I am thankful this very moment. If you are tagged... please re post on your blog, or facebook, or wherever... Being thankful is GREAT!

1. I am thankful for endless love of my children... I may be a very disgruntled mother at times, and my children can see over my bad comings and still love me for who I am!
2. I am thankful for my husband... I realize that I am hard to live with, very hard to live with at times, and he puts up with me through it all! I love him so...
3. I am thankful for blogging... I am not a good journal keeper, so doing this gives me a way to keep up our family experiences, so in years, we can look back, and see all the good times we have had (now if i could only figure out how to make it into an actual book, once a year...?)
4. I am thankful for my husbands job... Many people do not have a good job, let along a job at all. I am thankful he has the motivation and determination to make the best for his family, and one of the many ways he does this is through his work.
5. I am thankful for Tiffany... She is my sister, my best friend, and I appreciate her, even though I don't express it like i should, I am really thankful for her...
6. I am thankful for the gym... Its a stress reliever, a motivational place, a place of peace for me!
7. I am thankful for my extended family members... Although we may not be the best to each other, I am thankful for each and every member and the influences they have had on my life and my families life. Sorry it's not a picture of everyone, but I love you all! (regardless if you are in the picture or not, i just realized, i don't have like any pictures of my family with my mom and dad... on the list to do, for sure!)
8. I am thankful for DVDs. You may be asking yourself why? Because when I need a moment of peace, I turn one on, and the kids are quiet and preoccupied...
9. I am thankful for the Internet. I am able to find everything, from recipes to symptoms of illnesses, to friends... online... Thank you Internet!
10. I am thankful for God, without him, nothing is possible. Although, I am not a very religious person, I am thankful for the opportunities he has given me, the miracles I have seen, and the endless love I am given. All things happen for a reason, and with God, I know I can make it through all things.

Tag: Your It! Tiffany, Tiffanie, Dana, Sam, Cami, Holly, and Emily...and whoever else would like to express their thankfulness!

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