Monday, March 9, 2009

On Friday night, we had plenty to do, for once. First, we went to the Drive through prime rib dinner that the High School Rodeo Club was holding. The food was delish. It included Prime Rib, Green Beans, Potatoes, and a dessert. We are happy and willing to help the community out in these types of ways, and are always looking for an opportunity to be involved. Yum, yummy!

The kids wouldn't eat much of that dinner, so we headed to the local elementary school for the annual carnival! The kids enjoying their "burnt" hot dog dinner... and suckers, of course

Hayden spinning the mighty wheel of fortune!

Ady giving it a try!

My hockey pro!

Ady was quite fussy and irritable that night, and actually wanted nothing to do with anything... here's the picture to prove it!

Ball toss!

Ady thought it was easier to walk right up to the jars and drop the balls in...

Digging for Dino's

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