Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Captain UNDERPANTS is at it again!/Ady update!

Now he's a plumber (with socks as gloves)Here is a picture of Ady last night before she went to bed... Still very red rash on her face! We went to the doc and he said that it could be 5ths Disease??!? or a strep infection coming out in the form of a rash... As a precaution, he gave us both zithromax, and we are starting to feel a lot better (i have a sinus infection, yuck)
Here is a picture of Ady this morning... She is looking a lot better.... Still rashy, but its not so red, and not irritating her either! YaY! we are on the mend!

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Mom said...

I love the boy!
I love the girl!
I love you!!
Love the underpants too!!