Monday, March 2, 2009

Ady's Rash....continued

Ady's rash has just progressed more and more. She was up almost all night being very irritable. It is terribly itchy to her, and it has taken over her whole face... Please, if any of you know what this is.... please let me know.... If you cannot tell, Ady is quite distraught about the whole thing. Needless to say, I will be taking her to the doctor, as soon as they open.


Steph and Nick Toyn said...

Brennan had a rash that looked just like that after he had had a high fever and had been grouchy. The doctor told me that a lot of kids get a rash after they have had a virus. I would still take her to the doctor, of course, but the doctor told us the rash would just clear up and it did. It scared me, though because it looked so bad!

Chris and Ashlie said...

Kind of looks like an allergic reaction. That's what I looked like after penicillian. Do you have any calamine lotion or Sarna?

Christy said...

HOly Cow!! Poor thing!! I have no idea what that is! I have never had something like that neither have my kids, sorry I am of no help. Hope it clears up soon and she starts to feel better.