Sunday, July 11, 2010

June, in a snap.

We did a lot in June to keep ourselves busy!

We went to the Boise Zoo! Rode the rides!

Hayden Graduated from Preschool! He loved every minute of going to preschool and is uber excited to be able to attend Kindergarten in the Fall!

Hayden with his teacher, Mrs. Brooks!
We worked on some projects at home:
Ben working on his project car! Cleaning PARTS! FUN, FUN, FUN. and I acquired some awesome deals at yard sales (notice one piece of furniture in backround).

Ady and Hayden built some pretty spectacular towers !

We also had the opportunity to go camping with some friends. We had fun, even though it rained 89% of the time!

Hayden building towers with the fire wood!
Cute Family! I believe Ady and Hayden broke the record this weekend for the most junk food eaten....EVER!
Sitting around the campfire!
Ady is so proud of her artwork!
On the one and only summer day in June! We managed to squeak in a few minutes of slipnslide time!

Hayden and Mommy

Ady and Mommy

Daddy being silly!

Ben's Mom and Step dad, Jack, came to town during the free fishing weekend, and motorcycle rally. Saturday morning we headed out fishing. It was a good day of fishing, as Hayden won the kids contest, for 3 different things. I think they are for Biggest Trout, Biggest Blue Gill, and Longest Trout! He got to pick out 3 different prizes/
Next, we headed downtown to take a look at all of the motorcycles!
Of course we had to stop and get charlies ice cream!

Ady fell asleep on Ben's Shoulders! I think we wore her out!

Just a few of many motorcycles!

Ben and I!

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