Sunday, July 11, 2010

APRIL in a flash

APRIL...where did you go?

Our little man turned the Big 5 on April 16th. We had quite the party for him at our home. Good thing it was a nice day out, or else we would have been in trouble with all the people that attended.

We had a Ben 10 bash and I think Hayden really loved it. Here are a few pictures!After the party died down, we headed to the lake, which is only a 20 minute drive... We decided to have a family camp fire.But before the fire, we hiked down to the beautiful lake.My Mom and Dad! What a great picture!My mom with some of her grandkids!We tried a little fishing, but had no such luck. Oh well!Dana and Paisley!Ady and Grandma!Ben and his Dad!Dana and her two youngest! Aren't they cute!

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Terri said...

That was such a great birthday! We would not have missed it for the world! We loved being there!
The whole day was fab!
Love you all so much!