Monday, November 23, 2009

some recent, and not so recent pics.

Hey yall! I thought I would update our long overdue blog. Not much happening around here... just sitting and waiting, and waiting and sitting, to figure our where our life is headed next. Got news from the hospital that the buyout is going to happen, but nothing new. Hopefully we stay, cause we both are darn good jobs, but i'm trusting in God, that what ever He throws our way, we can handle. Just trying to live in the moment and find Joy in the Journey. Ben and I looking our best.... ha ha ha. We were on a hike, and this is our self portrait for the day!.
The "inlaws" adorable dog. Geez! almost too cute, enough to make me want one.

Kids with the grandparents!

Love her!

Especially like this~!

What a little ham. Heaven!

Ady, and Hayden, thought it was necessary to walk along the wood.

Oh how I love my family!
(every single one of them.... even though I don't have pictures of any of you. Your time is coming.... BE PREPARED)
consider this my one and only warning.

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