Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas with the Caufields...

Tiffany, Darek and Caylee came up this weekend to help us celebrate early.... Since they are taking a vacation during the Christmas holiday. On Friday night, we went to our favorite, Paizano's Pizza, and had a delish dinner!

Saturday, the guys went shooting, and the girls went shopping (what we do best). With the few stores we have here in town, we hit up the dollar store, D&B , and of course, the fabric store! While we were at D&B, Santa magically appeared. The kids had to get their picture taken!

At first Hayden didn't want anything to do with Santa (which is weird), but finally warmed up to the thought of standing next to him!
Before dinner, we headed to the American Legion Kid's Christmas Party! What a sight to be told at that party. Chaos filled the air, but the kids had fun fishing for toys, doing the cake walk, and sitting on Santa's lap (again!). The kids got amazing gifts from Santa at that party! He was quite generous!
Later Saturday night, we had a Yummy Christmas dinner, and exchanged presents between each other. This was the kids favorite part!

Tiffany made us all hats for Christmas! They are awesome. We get compliments everywhere we go when we have these hats on, especially Ady!

The whole HAT family!
My sister rocks!

Caylee and Hayden waiting to open presents


Terri said...

Those are great pictures and it looked like you all had a great weekend! What nice gifts Santa gave the kids! I am impressed!
I love the "Hat Family" picture! You have an awesome sister to make hats for everyone! I should know!!!
I love you for posting the pictures! It makes me feel like I am right there!! I love your blog!!!

Terri said...

One more thing!!! Cute Pajamas for Caylee!!!You are an awesome Auntie!!! I am so glad you got to celebrate with Tiff and Darek & Caylee!
Love you!