Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Sewing Part 2

That's right folks, I have been up to my usual with sewing! (no surprise, i know) Here are just a few things i have made!
A girl I know is really into bowling, so whats better than a bag with a bowling design on it?! This is a colored pencil and pad of paper holder... I don't have it filled yet, but I am sure you get the idea!

Have you ever heard of LilBlueBoo? If not, you should google it (I don't know how to add a link) and look at her site. I love her creations, and have a few of her patterns. This is a shirt I made Ady from one of them.

I made Hayden this shirt, but I think it's a little to girly.
You all know what a bib looks like!
Also, whenever we head to the store, the kids are begging me for Character Stockings. Being my cheapo self, there is no way I would buy them a stocking with a Character on it, as who knows if they will even like them next year. I did come up with another plan though. I had some extra fabric from previous projects, and whipped them up a stocking of their own. (I used only fabric I had, so they cost me essentially nothing to make) I think they are just as good as any old store bought one, plus these are made with love from me!


Karen said...

You are soo talented! I wish I knew how to sew.....I inherited a lot of my mother's, and cleaning, but sewing was not one of them unfortunately. I can't even sew on a button. LOL!

Alison said...

those stockings are soooo cute. nice job

Terri said...

You continue to amaze me!! Now I always knew you were amazing so don't get me wrong but these things you create are truly wonderful! I love the stockings! And I know a D A D that would love a 49ers one!! Any chance of that??

The Hobbs Family said...

You are SO talented, Terah!! Way to go!!

Louisa said...

That bowling bag is great. I love the fabric you chose for the ball. It really seems to make it look like the ball is moving.

Jessica said...

I LOVE the bowling bag. That is so clever and fun!
What a great idea for the stockings. It's so much cheaper to just make things on your own instead of buying them. Plus I think it's more fun and personal.