Thursday, January 27, 2011

Me being crafty=Happy ME!

I haven't done that much crafting lately. Been super busy working again, and keeping up with the welcomed chaos the kids bring to my life. However, I did manage to squeak in a few things that I would love to share:

When my sister came to visit, it was literally in the single digits, temperature wise. We, my sister and I, decided her cute little puppy, Chevy, need a "keep me warm" outfit. It is kind of big on her in this picture, but my sister says it fits perfectly now! Isn't she just adorable?
Next, Ady has been bugging me for an owl stuffed animal. Yes, I admit that I am cheap, when it comes to buying stuffed animals. I hate them. But I couldn't resist making her one. It cost me $Free.99 as I used stuff I had on hand, thanks to a good friend!
(Don't feel bad for Hayden, I made him a penguin pillow, i just haven't taken a picture of it yet.)

Ben and I have ventured back to Weight Watchers. Looks as though I gained all but 1 lousy pound back from what I had originally lost. (We now are losing now though!)
I made a little note book cover so I could keep all my WW stuff together and have a place to take notes while I am at my meetings! It's working out quite well!

I have also been itching for a few projects. My friend, Tressa, had a broken console t.v. sitting in her basement, and I basically begged her to give it to me. She probably thought I was CRAZY. Anyhow, I transformed this bad boy, and man am I PROUD!
P.S.:Thank you Tressa for taking out the old TV parts, it made my job 100% easier!
My brother in law and Sister, helped me cut it in half, and Ben helped me put the shelf in.
I painted it and then antiqued it with stain. In total, this project cost me no more than $10.
Next, Tiffany brought up a bright pink table that she no longer had room for. I can't say no when it comes to free furniture, so this is what I did.
I don't have a before picture, but just imagine it bright PINK!



Tressa Willson said...

I LOVE it Terah!!! I am soooo glad that you took that tv cabibnet out of my house! And I was more than happy to destroy the insides for you :) Craft therapy - it makes me happy too <3

Terri said...

Awesome ~ Love your stuff! You are a busy gal!

Anonymous said...

super cute puppy :) love him/her!!! chiwawa??