Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where has January gone?

We started off the month of January right, with first my Sister Dana and her Husband Bill, along with their awesome kids coming to visit! Had a great time, but managed to take no pictures what so ever of the good times together... CRAP.

Right after they left, we had Tiffany and Darek come and visit! This is officially the 1st picture of the new year, taken at 12:01 a.m. Note my crazy kids, it's way past their normal bedtime!Next came Ben's big #28. Man are we getting OLD;). Tiffany, Darek, and Caylee once again made their way to our house to help us celebrate. We had a small celebration, with my sister, and another friend, but had a great time. Ben insisted on having a birthday cookie and a Birthday Cake. I couldn't' say no!The kids chillin on the couch. (Kingston, Caylee, Ady, and Hayden!)The kids managed to get quite dirty. A much needed bath was headed their way.

What happens when you fill a jetted tub with bubbles?

They multiply and multiply and multiply.

First came happiness...Next came craziness:Finally we reached CHAOS: and bath time was over. (Ady fell into the bubbles. It did not make for one happy chick.)

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Terri said...

Hey it looks like a fun lil party. Wish we could have been there! Did Ben ever try the steak jerky we sent? Hope he liked his gift!