Saturday, August 1, 2009

Full time Mom, Full time job!

I got the job! A medical billing job to be exact! When I had started at the hospital, I started on the note that I would eventually be transferred to the Billing department! Well folks, that time has come!

This last week, I was officially working full time. Having been a stay at home mom for the past few years, it has been hard adjusting to working full time, all day long, but I think things are working out!

Kids are going to daycare, which they seem to love. I say seem, cause I can never get a good answer out of Hayden, about anything. So I believe he likes it. Ady, on the other hand, loves going to daycare and sometimes cries when I tell her we aren't going. We are also looking into Preschool for Hayden to start this year! He's been pretty excited about that.

We also have Hayden in swimming lessons! He loves swimming at the YMCA and loved his teacher! We have him signed up for another 2 week session in August! We didn't sign up Ady for swimming lessons, because all they had to offer was Mommy and Me lessons, which from prior experience with Hayden, he didn't remember any of it, and was still afraid of the water, until his first on his own lesson. This is the picture he received on the last day of his swimming lesson! Look how happy he is!

This past week, Hayden also got to experience Vacation Bible school. It was every night from 6-8 at a local church here. I was able to volunteer one of the night, and got to experience the fun for myself! Each night they did bible study, a game, a craft and singing and dancing. He even got a cd of all the music they sang to, and loves listening to it all the time!

Today, we went to the Shriner's Parade in downtown Baker City! We all walked to downtown, got some yummy breakfast from Baker Cafe, and watched the floats stroll on by. The kids got a bag full of candy and prizes, then we walked to the library, got some books, walked out the back door of the library to the park, went to the farmers market and walked back home.

Up to this weekend, other than that, things haven't been much to exciting, besides Hayden puking and Ady eating extra strength excedrin, we all seem to be GREAT!


Erin Stones said...

Congrats on the new job- that is great!

tressa said...

good to see a new post! love to hear from you! :)