Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lack of Blogging

Lots has been happening lately, and I just wanted to let all know, that we are alive and kicking!

Lets start updatin'

The week of Ady's 2nd birthday was fun. Aunt Tiffy, Ady's favorite person, and Caylee, were able to come and spend some time with us! Ady was trilled, and so where the rest of us!

The weekend prior to that we spent in Boise celebrating her birthday with family!

Blowin' out the birthday cake in Boise

Making Ady's cake at home~!
Cake, Cake, CakeClassic birthday "pick your nose" photo!
While Aunt Tiffy was here, we made pizza! And it turn out fabulous!

Most of the time, they love each other!

Mommy and Ady on her birthday!
If they weren't fightin' then they were like this. ha ha ha, veggin' in front of the tv!

I promise, we don't watch tv all day long, just some of the time. One of the days Tiff and Caylee were here, we made shirts, and play dough, edible play dough to be exact~

Caylee sportin' her #5 shirt she made!

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