Saturday, October 31, 2009


We sure had an eventful Halloween this year, and the end is still not here. We started up the festivities Friday morning with the Annual Preschool Halloween Party. So many kids where there, plus there was snow on the ground, which made this extra exciting!Here are the "little monsters" before the MONSTER BASH!
I took the chance and put foam rollers in Ady's hair and it turned out quite well!
All Ady wanted to do was play in the rice bin. She sure had fun with it! Of course, Hayden was playing in the snow....
If you look really Closely, you can see the snow ball flying in the air!

What a cute Mario!

Ady and Daddy enjoying the party.
At the Halloween party, there was a pumpkin patch, and we picked snow covered pumpkins.

After the party we took the kids out to lunch to their favorite spot, "McDonalds"
The kids went down for a nap, and I got to work creating the holiday masterpiece.... ha ha ha
Friday night, the town of Baker City, held the downtown trick or treating, where all the businesses hand out candy. They shut down the road to main downtown, and the kids walked around filling their bags. Here is a picture of the kids waiting for our friends to come meet us to go! Being SILLY!
The kids got so much candy! Crazy amounts of candy! After downtown, we headed to our friends house for dinner and a movie. Ate some of the best chili EVER! Thanks Williams!
Of course, we still had to go trick or treating Saturday. Ben's mom and step dad came to town to help us celebrate! After all the festivities were over, we heading to their motel to swim.
As for tomorrow, we are heading to the Harvest Party, and chili Feed. We can hardly wait!


Terri said...

Not a minute to spare!! It sounds like your Halloween weekend was super! So glad that you posted the pictures! The kids looked so cute! I want some of the pool pictures too please!! I am really glad Becky and Jack got to be there to help you celebrate! Don't eat too much candy!!!
Love ya! Mom

Karen said...

cute costumes! did you make that mario costume? it is awesome! =)