Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Early Christmas

Early Christmas...

This past Sunday we had Grandma Newbie, Jack, Levi, and Sandy over and did some celebrating... They had brought presents for early opening as our moving to Baker City is going to make things quite hectic, and we didn't have the room to "hide" Hayden's present anymore...

Hayden with his present from Howard and Helen (Jack's parents)

Ady Opening her present from Jack's Parents

Loving her doll!

Another Powerwheels for Hayden! They both love it

The kids quite enjoy it... especially that they can both ride comfortably in it now!

Thank you for loving us so much.... We are spoiled!

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Mom said...

Wonderful early Christmas for those kids! I love the car! Where are they going? Can Gramma go too?
Yes, you are loved! More than you know!!