Monday, December 29, 2008

fun in the snow...

It has been a while since I have made a good post, for a few reasons.

The first: We moved: out of state: and haven't had Internet until today! YAY! I was trying my best to keep up to date with it, but heading to McDonald's everytime I needed to do something on the Internet was not my idea of fun!

Ady having fun with the octopus play dough!

Second: While trying to return back to Boise on Christmas Eve we were in an awful car accident. We, are all doing alright! Ben had some tiny cuts from the broken glass, and a bruised elbow from hitting the window. I, on the other hand, believe that the plate of cookies I was carrying in my lap, hit me smack in the middle of the forehead... Other than that I was fine. The kids, didn't have a single scratch on them, and were just a little shaken by the fact of "flippin" as Hayden states it.

On a good note, we have enjoyed our stay in wonderful baker city thus far. People tend to be nicer, and we don't have a commute at all, wherever we go! The first few days we were here, we drove around town trying to get familiar with the area, and found some fun and delicious places to eat! My favorite, thus far, PAIZANO'S pizza! My favorite, even over good old guidos in Boise! If you ever come here, you better try it!

Above are my "car wreck cookies." Originally made for Christmas eve... they made it safe and sound through the wreckage, right to our mouths, after we got them out of the wrecked car...2 days later!

Our home, for now, seems to be coming together well! We have unpacked what we think is necessary and left the rest for the basement. Haven't done much decorating, but we will eventually get to it!
Please note, this picture was taken before the wreck of the envoy!

While Ben was at work today, I took advantage of the somewhat nice weather and headed outdoors with the kiddos.... We made it to our front yard, and no further, but it was fun! We shoveled the rest of the drive way in hopes that Ben would be able to get his car out tomorrow morning and not have to walk to work! After that, we attempted to make a small hill, and a snowman. Hayden thoroughly enjoyed it, while Ady would have rather been inside.
Ady would not get close to the snowman... She was quite afraid of it!Hayden sure thought it was cool~!Hayden pulling Ady on the sled...minus the snowHayden getting ready to go down the little hill, i had made for him, on the sled!


Mom said...

Cute pictures of my cuter grandkids!!! Cute little house. It is exactly what I pictured it would be like in a place called Baker City! The cookies look like they tasted pretty good! Wow, I thought they would have been more damaged! I am just so thankful you are alive and well. I love you so much! Lets make more cookies when you come home to Boise!!!

Christy said...

Hey! It's been a long time! Sounds like you guys have had a rough year!-? Sorry to hear about the car accident! Glad everyone is doing ok and that the cookies were fine too! :) Your new house is very cute!