Sunday, November 16, 2008

Multiple posts... Please read!

This weekend was not quite eventful, but fun filled! On Saturday, Ben held a LAN Party, with all of his computer friends, here at our house. I took advantage of that time, to spend with my mom and sisters, shopping and eating! We walked around the mall, and went to Cheesecake Factory...thanks Mom!... and ate some yummy food. We don't eat out much, so any time is a real treat!
On Sunday, we spent the whole morning cleaning house. Not fun, but very needed. We accomplished quite a bit. I finally got to the kitchen floor that has been much neglected. Later on in the day, I went out with Tiffany and got some xmas shopping complete. I came home to the Christmas tree set up, waiting to be decorated. Ben had taken his time with the kids, and had set it up for me. He mentioned that the kids enjoyed this task... I wish I could have seen them setting it up. Tiffany, Darek, and Caylee then came over for Taco's and some crafts for the kids. First off, The kids decorated glass ornaments. All we did was pour a few different colors of paint into each ornament, and let the kids have at it. They basically shook them until all the inside glass was covered. Ady didn't understand, but Caylee and Hayden sure did!

Caylee and Tiffany pouring paint!

Caylee showing off her ornament!

Mommy helping Ady Shake it!

Hayen and his ornament!
Ady wanted to do it all by herself!

After the quick painting of the ornaments, we let the kids make fruit loops necklace's. Hayden and Caylee knew exactly what to do, but Ady just wanted to eat them... It made her angry to have them on the yarn. Needless to say, she enjoyed it! We got pictures of the kids with their necklaces on. We had fun!

Ady's putting on the Fruit Loops... Love the hand!

Hayden working his little heart way!

Mommy helping Hayden!

Caylee Stringing along!Ady...can't decide whether to eat, or string!?Making her MAD!Eating Once Again!Proud!Yummy


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