Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The last week... finally!

What a week it has been! We have had so much going on, I have not been able to update like a regularly do. So here it goes.

Starting with Thursday, We were invited to my mother's ward "trunk or treat" We have never been to a function like this before, and now know why kids like it so much. Hayden enjoyed walking around to every trunk and getting candy. Ady didn't understand that the candy goes in the bag, and not in her mouth. She was quite angry the first few times I put the candy in the bag, and not to her. There were so many cute costumes, and we had a ton of comments about Ady's chef costume. It was a big hit! The kids got enough candy to fill up our Halloween hand out bowl. Yeah!

Friday night, of course, was Halloween. We had a little get together with our family and friends. We all ate yummy food (pot luck). I made 2 slow cooker soups, and everyone else brought side dishes. Everyone seemed to enjoy the soups I made! I am glad they turned out so well!

After everyone was done eating, the kids beat down the pinata I had made!
Here is Hayden and Caylee before trick or treating!

Paisley was a chef... I made her costume too!

Not a very good picture of Ady, but hey... It works. It also shows her "bling-age" she had to wear!
After the trick or treating was all said and done, the hubby, me, Cathy, and Levi headed to a Haunted house we had found in our neighborhood. I absolutely hate scary things, so you can imagine the noise that came out of my mouth. I had Cathy as support, and ran my way through! I thought Ben would be there to help me... but he just chimed in and scared me before it even got scary!

Saturday, Ben surprised me with a date! We took the kids over to Mom-In-Laws, and we headed on our way. The kids love any chance they can get to spend with their grandparents, but don't get much time to do so. Ben had planned for us to go on a long walk on the greenbelt, but due to weather conditions... we were not able to. It kinda depressed Ben a bit, because we both love to take walks, but we got over it, headed to the mall and did some walking, and shopping there! We went out to dinner at the Copper Kitchen, Or was it Copper Kettle? I don't remember, but the dinner was delicious! We had Filet Mignon with a side salad, veggies and potatoes. It was quite wonderful to have some time to ourselves, and know that our kids were in good hands. We treasure these few and far between times! Thanks Mom!

Hayden enjoying Grandma's House!

Ady loves the dolls Grandma has!

On Sunday, we celebrated my Mom's Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM). My dad did a good job of planning it, and even had all of the dressings there for Banana Splits. They were a hit with all of the grand kids! I hope my Mom enjoyed the chaos of everyone there. We sure had a good time!

Sorry I don't have more pictures. (thanks Becky for all that are posted today) for some reason I was camera dumb this weekend and didn't think to get ours out! I promise to take some this week!

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eli&joelynn said...

kids make everything so fun! I love the costumes!