Wednesday, October 29, 2008

100 Things about me!

This is something I saw on a friends blog, and I thought I would give it a try... So here it goes...

1. My name is spelled T-E-R-A-H, not Tara, Tera, Tarah, Terra, Tarrah or Taren
2. I loved to make things,
3. but hate to do repeats (like making more than one or two of the same thing)
4. My kids bring me the most joy
5. I have a very hard time saying no to my kids
6. I can't handle paper scrapbooking,
7. But am amazed at digital scrapbooking
8. I am an Internet A-holic
9. I love craigslist
10. If I can remake it, I usually will
11. I like change
12. I have a low self confidence about myself.
13. I went to school for medical billing
14. I stay at home, and feel like nothing is ever accomplished
15. I stay up way later than I should most nights of the week
16. My husband thinks I need to be on a schedule...
17. And I agree, but I am a procrastinator
18. I focus too much on making others happy
19. I spend not enough time on taking care of my self
20. I probably waste time
21. I enjoy spending time with my family
22. I have only gone on 2 dates with my husband since Ady was born.... sad
23. I look up to my husband for his "smartness"
24. I like doing laundry,
25. But hate folding clothes, hence why laundry seems to always be mounting up
26. I like to think that I am crafty
27. I am having a hard time deciding what path I should take next
28. I sew, when I should be doing other things
29. Exercising makes the stressful things in my life seem not so stressful
30. I don't know what to believe.
31. I am still clueless, and probably always will be about the elections,
32. I probably will still vote though
33. Sometimes I envy my husband because he has a job that he can go to and I am stuck home
34. I know what I need to do to lose weight
35. but i don't do it
36. I enjoy taking walks anywhere
37. I am very compassionate
38. I have a hard time making, and keeping friends
39. I play the piano, not much lately, but I think I use to be good at it.
40. I believe that Ben, is my eternal partner, husband, sidekick, love...
41. I love him more than he knows,
42. I love to try new recipes
43. I worry about money constantly
44. I watch a lot of reality TV
45. If i could, i would Rollerblade everyday
46. I wish people in my life would focus on what really matters
47. I am a worry wart
48. I am a list person It it's not written down, I usually don't remember to do it
49. I focus on my past way, when I should be focusing on my future
50. Half way there, and I am running out of ideas
51. I am a good listener
52. I am already going gray
53. I like to organize,
54, but have a hard time staying organized
55. I have blue eyes
56. I have lived in Idaho my entire life
57. My tubes are tied... no more kids for me
58. I like driving a nice car
59. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life
60. I have had miracles occur
61. I am thankful for my husband, and his willingness to work so I don't have to
62. I don't really like laptops
63. I haven't had a job I love
64. I love to eat Italian food
65. I enjoy reading people's blogs, even if I may not know them personally
66. I am not a fan of myspace, even though I have a page with them
67. Facebook bores me
68. I wish something good would happen for once in our life
69. I don't spend enough time thinking about all the things I am thankful for
70. I use to Rollerblade 5-10 miles a day
71. I look at others, and always think they have a better life than I do
72. My kids sometimes drive me nuts,
73. but i still love them, regardless
74. I wish I had a family that cared more about my family...?...
75. life is unfair... life goes on
76. I need more friends, a friend, anyone
77. I believe kids need discipline,
78. i am a pushover
79. i just realized how negative I have been on this... SORRY
80. I love Benjamin Lee Weaver
81. My life revolves around my family... I wouldn't have it any other way
82. I am not a good teacher, but like to show people how things are done
83. I am a hands on learner
84. I pick up things very quickly when I am doing it myself
85. I love babies
86. I work together with people very well, and can work by myself well too
87. I think I am easy to get along with
88. I can be moody at times
89. I admit that i am wrong... a lot
90. I wear glasses
91. I wish this was number 100
92. I am a twin,
93, and everyone thinks my kids look just like my sister?!
94. I wish people would answer the phone when I call
95. I am not a fan of Sleep number beds
96. I am trying to show love and be loved
97. My husband says I am difficult? I probably am?
98. I can't wake up in the morning like i should
99. I love to decorate
100. I am done, I am going to check on the kiddos and heading to bed!

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