Monday, October 6, 2008

Looking through our pictures...

I noticed that Ben and I do not have any pictures of us taken recently. Whether it's the fact that we are always taking the pictures, or not wanting our pictures taken, it sad that we aren't in any. I'll make it my mission, this weekend, to get some great photos taken, of the whole family. I will post them when we get them... Hoping that we will find someone with a good camera, and the time to take them... We will see if and when and how they turn out!

I have been trying to become more familiar with my blog, and as you can see I have been adding a lot to it... I hope you like the changes!

As I was going through the kids closets today trying to get their clothes in gear for the colder weather, I realized how much of their clothing I purchase used... Don't get me wrong... I don't go to goodwill and just buy clothing so my kids have clothes to wear. I am very picky, and I am adamant about how my kids look. I love name brands, but living on one income, it's hard for me to spend a lot on clothing knowing that I am taking money from elsewhere, and knowing that they will grow out of the clothes in a few months. I remember the days with Hayden, when Ben and I were both working, I would go and drop $50 bucks easily on one outfit for Hayden at Gymboree. Those days are no more. I used to take advantage of Other Mother's, but it seems that I find things there far and few in between. I think this is because my kids are getting to the age of wearing out clothes quicker... I occasionally go, but rarely find what I am looking for. I know I will have to start spending more on clothing, but for now, I think we are doing good!

So, my sewing machine is still in non function mode. I am supposed to get it back tomorrow... hopefully it works. I have become so dependent on it as a stress reliever after a long day with the kids. I enjoy sitting down and spending an hour making something, and seeing the results. I get joy out of some pretty weird stuff. I know.

We went on a walk tonight, to help promote a healthy family lifestyle. The kids seem to enjoy going for a stroller ride, and Ben and I get the exercise we need. I love the subdivision we are living it. I never feel unsafe to go walking, or rollerblading. There are waking paths around the entire subdivision, and it's just a friendly neighborhood. I just wish we could afford to buy a house here.

OK, So I know you are thinking I have touched on some weird topics here... This post describes exactly what is going on in my head right now... I have multiple things on my mind, and am puzzled at how life seems to work out, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Like we always do, we will stick it out, and things will work like they are supposed to... CONFUSING, HUH?!

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eli&joelynn said...

Love your updated blogging My Dear!! Nice work!! Also love your thrify style!! No harm is saving some dough!!