Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lazy Days

This weekend was quite uneventful...
Ben, Hayden and Ady Playing together on the couch!

Ady kissing her "dollll-eeeee" She has been attached to dolls recently, and seems to always have one.

Hayden hasn't been a fan of having his picture taken recently, so this picture is of him trying to get away from it... Haha, I got him anyways!

On Friday, Britnae, my niece, came over and helped me with Hayden, Ady, and Paisley... We had fun making cookies and creating a spiderweb for a Halloween decoration ( i will post pictures when it's done) Hayden has so much fun with her... He calls her "Burt-nee"

Together they made a snake cookie and Hayden was impressed that it had "eyes" on it when Britnae gave it it him... You can see the excitement in his face about the cookie!

That night we went to Burger King for the first time in about 2 months. Hayden had been asking all week to go, and we finally gave in... The food was awful, but well worth the joy of seeing my kids have fun. On the way to Burger King, Hayden fell asleep (he had not had a nap that day). Ben said to him "Hayden, we're here." Hayden opened his eyes and blurted "Now, that's what I'm talking about!" He is become such a little man. He speaks so clearly, and so often. I just love to listen to his words, and try to understand what's going on in his head.

Saturday night I made a "chicken, veggie couscous", and it seemed to be good. Everyone that was at our house at the time ate some and seemed to enjoy it.My Twin Sister and her fam came over for the first time on Saturday, in about a month. We had fun, played card games, and just talked... Didn't accomplish much, but we enjoyed each others company. I wish I would have taken some pics... maybe next time! They came over again on Sunday, and I was in the kitchen again, making Meatloaf and Mashed taters! It was sure yummy, but I don't know how good it was for me.

Today, we took the kids to a new park, just built at a school down the road from our house. They had a ton of fun climbing on the ropes and riding the slides.

Tomorrow is a new day. Once again, I will start my healthy life, and continue to strive for weight loss. I did notice today that my pants were quite loose and I had to hold them up if I didn't want to be without them... That must be a good sign!

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Nick and Stephanie said...

That sounds like a fun weekend. Tell Tiffany hi for me next time you see her!