Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Fun

After having a pumpkin picking party, we thought it would be appropriate to have a pumpkin carving party. Dana, Bill, Britnae, Sean, Ashleigh, Zach, Paisley, Darek, Tiffany, Caylee, Mom, Ben, I, Hayden, and Ady were all there. They all came over for a delicious lasagna dinner prepared by Dana. She is a good cook, and always knows how to make anything and everything we could possible want.

After dinner, we all had specific ideas on what we wanted to do with our pumpkins and went to it.
Ben carved a spooky face.
I helped Hayden carve Jack skeleton from his Favorite movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. After that was complete, Hayden and Caylee finished his pumpkin up with a great paint job.
Bill carved an Idaho Vandals motif. I got this shot of Paisley. I couldn't resist posting it here!
Britnae did a wolf, and Ashleigh carved a bunch of smaller things. Zach did a general Halloween face.
The pumpkins turned out great, and I think everyone had a good time.

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