Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm at it again!

I have resolutions, just like everyone else...

I need to lose this dang weight. It has been a constant battle for me since I had Hayden. I get going, then I hit a wall and nothing seems to change. I NEED CHANGE. Anyone have any suggestions?


Christy said...

Well I think you look great! But I know what you mean, I felt like that Avery. I just couldn't ever get passed a certain weight! I don't really have any advice, other then just eating healthy and exercising- the golden rules. sorry, I know that's lame advice! good luck!

Mom said...

Let's have a contest! I need to lose weight too. I am willing to put $25.00 in a winner's pot and let's see who can lose 10 pounds by Valentines Day or whoever loses the most by Valentine's Day? Any takers? And you can put any amount in the pot and then the winner takes all. Does that sound motivating??? We would all have to weigh on the same day. This would be on the honor system as not all of us live in the same town. I think this would motivate me to do what I know works. Lets do it Terah.
Hugs, Mom