Sunday, January 25, 2009

January! (in a nut shell)

I haven't done a blog in a while... i guess you could say i have had the blogger blues?! if there is even such a thing! We have been some what busy recently, and i though i would post a ton, literally, of some pictures we have taken this month.

Tiffany, Darek, and Caylee came up to help us celebrate Ben's Birthday. We had a good time, just relaxing and letting the kids catch up on some playtime! We took the opportunity to explore the park in this new town! We all had fun

Caylee, Ady, and Hayden crawling through the tunnels at the park!
A timer photo of all of us... I think it turned out quite well (especially of all the kids, since there was no one to get and keep their attention during the whole ordeal!)

While Ben was attempting to quickly get over to take a picture, he took quite the spill,
and laid on the ground to recover?!

Rosy red cheeks, boy was it cold!

Not the normal way for Ady to slide. She usually prefers to go head first, belly down!

Family photo of Tiffany, Darek, and Caylee

Our Family!

Another cute one!

We love playin at the park!

Self portrait!

Adults can have fun at the park too!

Toys for adults, how clever!

Cousin-ly love!

Can we save this for blackmail?

Gotta love the expressions?!

Another puzzle I completed.
I probably wouldn't have finished it, if it weren't for the help of my sister!

How Ady falls asleep most nights! She insists on sleeping with books?
Good or bad? I don't know?

Ben got a xbox 360 remote: making streaming netflix movies a cinch!

Like aunt, like niece... I hear it all the time how Ady looks so much like her aunt!
They sure are cute together!

ha ha ha... only good aunts know how to have all the fun!



Mom said...

I love your blog!!! I love all the pictures! Can I get copies of them? Just send them to Walgreens and I will pick em up, k? This Gramma has to have 'em in her hot little hand!
I love you! Thank God you take after me with the camera!!!

Christy said...

Cute post! Loved all the pictures. I didn't know your sister had a little girl. She is a doll.