Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

This weekend went by entirely TOO fast. We had an eventful weekend.. i guess you could say, but it was much enjoyed! Saturday I went to a pampered chef party that a co worker of mine was throwin... spent too much money...
Sunday the fam went to the Sumpter flea market... spent way too much money.
Today was different. We stayed home in the morning and cleaned out. It needed it... Really bad! After good old nap time, we headed up the the lake/reservoir with some new family friends! 2 families, who each have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, under the age of 4! Yay! Boy did we have a great time. We made a campfire when we got there, and cooked some yummy hot dogs for everyone to enjoy!
Becca was pretty excite about the drinks available!
Everyone seemed to love the water!


When we got back from the "lake" we make smores, and might i add, ate way to much! But they were delish!


Mom said...

What a fun time! Smores??? WW smores??? Love it!!

tressa said...

Love the pics! That was such a blast and good for the soul! Thnks my new friend :)