Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Super Savings!

I just returned from Albertsons, and am happy to report my most recent savings. My subtotal before coupons and the albertsons card was a little over $91. After coupons and everything my total was 24.50. That's a total of saving $67 using coupons!

Heres how the majority of it breaks down.

Cottenelle 12 pack of toilet paper
On sale with albertsons coupon for 4.88. Because I bought two, I was also able to use 2 manufactor coupons on for 75 cents and one for 50 cents.

Total for 2 12 packs of toilet paper = 8.41. Regular Price =13.98 Total SAVINGS = 5.57

Misc Kellogs Cereal
Albertsons is running a deal for every 4 your buy, you get them for 1.50 each

4 x 1.50 = $6 I had $1 off coupons for each cereal. Making each box .50 cents!
Total for 4 boxes of cereal = $2 Regular Price = $10 Total Savings = 8 bucks! Yahoo!

Airwick I-motion air freshner. Regular Price=$11.99 on Sale for 5.99. Had a coupon for $4 off
Total Price=1.99 Total Savings = $10!

Kraft Italian (fat free) dressing. On sale at albertsons 2 for $4. I had 2 $1.50 off coupons. Making them .50 cents each! Regular Price: $4 for 2 After coupons: $1 for 2!

Chinet Paper Plates! I had a 2$ off coupon, and they were on sale for 2 for $5. I bought one at $2.50 and so total price was .50 cents!

This is not everything I bought... but the best deals! Sorry if it's confusing!


Ben and Kristen Johnson said...

Where are you getting these awesome coupons?

Terah Weaver said...

I have been printing most of them off online, but i also get the sunday newspaper and cut them out... this is the website i use to get coupons, and i read coupon blogs and they give links to sites with coupons.
and right now you can go to kellogs website and they have, i think, 8 cereal coupons you can print off!

Terah Weaver said...

If you are interested... just leave me your email, and I can send you a link to all the coupon lady blogs i read!

Mom said...

Okay now I know for sure that our children do live what they learn!!! I loved it when I would come home from the store with a coupon extravaganza story and tell everyone and anyone that would listen when you kids were little.
I am so happy for you that you got some great bargains there!! Keep it up. I have a brand new list of coupon saving blogs that I am going to send you!!! Maybe you don't have them. Let me know k?

Tiff said...

ha ha ha i did that too, 76.00 was my total, and i paid 24.24. WOot WoOt!