Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

Saturday, after the Easter Egg hunt, we drove to Boise to spend time with our family for Easter. On Sunday morning, we made breakfast, at my mom's house. It consisted of yummy whole wheat and applesauce pancakes, fadge, and fresh fruit! We made Easter bunny shaped pancakes for the kids! (with raisin eyes, and mouth)
The kids got spoiled by the Easter Bunny, and raked in a bowling set, shirts, candy, and toys galore.
Hayden and Ady immediately found the Easter eggs the Easter bunny had hidden, before they saw the prizes the Easter bunny had left!

That afternoon, we took the kids to take some family pictures at the park... and then to chucky cheese for some play time! Hayden loved the air hockey table!
In the afternoon, we all congregated back to my mom's house to celebrate Easter, some more, and celebrate Dana, Bill and Hayden's birthday! Fun, Fun!

Ady and Paisley chillin'

We didn't spend as much time as we would have liked with Ben's mom, and Jack, but she did send home some super fun presents for the kids. Boy, were they excited!

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