Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hayden's Birthday.... Part2

On Saturday, April 18th, we had a surprise party for Hayden, at our home. A surprise, for a 4 year old? Yes, if I would have told him about it.... I would have heard about it every minute of every hour of every single day, for up to a week before his actual birthday. So I did not tell him. Boy was he surprised when he walked in from flying kites with his dad and grandpa sandy.

My mom and dad came up for the weekend, and Tiffany, Darek, and Caylee, came up for the day, to help us celebrate.

It was a small party, but with enough friends, to cause some chaos. All Hayden's little friends, around his age, where girls, since we have not met any boys his age since we have been here. He was ok with that!

We had a hot dog dinner, with yummy sides, and I think everyone enjoyed it. We also had a pinata for the kids! It was a big "hit."

Hayden loved his birthday cake... So did I! (not good for WW though)

We sure had fun, and hope that everyone else who attended, did as well.

My Parent stayed the weekend, even though my mom wasn't feeling well, we still enjoyed their company and were happy they came! On Sunday morning, my Dad, and Ben, helped Hayden complete a snap together car that he received from Tiff, Darek, and CC for his birthday. He is so proud of it, he takes it everywhere now!

Like grandpa, like grandson! So funny!

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Mom said...

Cute pictures! If Dad knew you got that sleeping one and put it online!! How funny! I love the bday cake picture. He was so happy!