Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Fun

We had a laid back, family fun weekend! Yay for nice weather!
We started out our weekend, Friday night, by going to a birthday party at the YMCA pool for some new friends we had met. The kids loved every second of the swimming. Last year, it was impossible to get Hayden into the pool. This year, he didn't want to get out. Ady, was afraid at first, but after a few minutes was comfortable with walking around the 2 ft pool, while holding my hand! When we got home, we got an invite from some more "new"friends, Kim and Jarom, to come over and hang out. So at 9pm, that's what we did. We watched "survivor" Its the first time I watched it, and now, I can say, I want more.....

We woke up Saturday, and the weather was nice, a bit windy, but nice enough to be outside. We took a long bike ride, stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut, and continued riding around our small town. We watched movies and games, and did some sewing too~! Come around 5 o'clock, we were getting a little bored, and decided to take the kids BOWLING. This is the first time, Hayden really got to bowl, and a complete first for Ady. The kids both enjoyed it, and only lasted through one game! Something we will have to do again sometime soon!Hayden was all smiles, during the whole game!He kept asking for me to take a picture of him in front of the balls.... Look how happy he is!Daddy helping Ady bowl!
Daddy helping Hayden bowl!

Mommy bowling... of course I had no idea he was taking my picture!

Sadly, my daughter beat me...but she had the bumpers on!

Ben and I played a game, while the kids sat down for dinner, of hot dogs, and french fries... I sucked it up and Ben did pretty well!

Sunday we went on another bike ride! We love this activity and the time is allows us to spend together. I am sure we will have many more rides to come! We also made a fabulous dinner. It consisted of Grilled, on the BBQ, tilapia, broccoli mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, sourdough bread, and fresh pineapple... quite delish! and all within the Weight Watchers Points~

I went into Haydens room and found this today. Actually he has been doing this a lot lately, and I don't know where he got it from?

He calls it decorating.

I call it organizing...

the toddler way.

He now organizes all of his toys, on his table, dresser, bookcase, and little thomas couch... Crazy.

Does anyone else's kids do this?

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